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Mcclean “Slice of Life” Essay

The causation Russell Baker wrote a very humorous piece entitled The track of Life. In his essay, he chose a mostly directional come near on how to carve a dud. Most instructions, especially when it comes to cooking or preparing food argon very cut and dry without any record involved. Russell Baker instilled his personality and humor by throwing in ingredients and items that are not convential in te preparation of a turkey. round of those tools are an ax, barbells, lavatory towels, sutures (used for surgical wounds) and iodine. Many of the instructions are useless in the unquestionable application of carving the turkey, which I believe was the point of the writer. There was brusque intention in actually accomplishing the task, but more focus on making you laugh.On step 6 he states, you should exericse the biceps and forearms by lifting barbells until they are strong (Scarry 632). Further into the story he talks about turkeys fall in laps and watching the football game. It i s pretty clear that those previous ii actions are not synonymous with carving a turkey. To keep the bunk of the essay he did use a few transitional words. Some of those transitional words were now, in this case, begin, and repeat. There were a few transitional words that were ommitted such as then, once you have, the second step or the last step. Overall, it seems the author is trying to convey that carving a turkey is not a pleasant experience. I would also argue that he believes that no one wants to do it and it should be pawned off on somebody else, if possible.

Economic Disparity Essay

The term economical disparity would liter aloney iterate to the differences in incomes and wealth mingled with distinguishable economic strata in society. In any economy, thence, disparities are bound to exist, since levels of skills, contribution, ownership and wealth do vary. This is as true of fully certain economies as it is of developing and underdeveloped ones. In India, however, we use the term very specifically, to point to the yawning gap that exists between the rich and the poor. We acknowledge, with occasional embarrassment, (and opposition parties with ostensible anguish), the fact that, even half-dozen decades after independence, this gross disparity still exists. To us, it is a reminder that we behave not yet been able to eradicate scantness the state in which more than a third of our population exists, without the minimum in food, clothing, entertain and dignity.There is no doubt that, as the economy develops, various economic determiners will show increase at the national (or gross) levels investments, assets, production, incomes, and so on. This, in turn will progress to growth in national wealth to a point where, as a nation we are as well off or developed as any other. However, it moldiness be remembered that a nation is but a kernel of the different strata of the society within it, just as a body is the sum of its split. Looked at in this manner, it commode understood that only when all the parts have the minimum required development (or health), that the whole can be considered developed or healthy.At first sight, it would seem as if theres a difficult choice to be do that investing in economic growth would mean the inability to perpetrate national effort and finances towards lifting the poor out of their morass. However, when we take a broader find, we understand that it is through the first that the second objective can be achieved while the benefits of economic growth must first fuel barely economic growth and then be shared by all economic strata, the greater share must find its way to those at the very bottom of the pyramid, the economically disadvantaged, till we achieve the banishment of poverty.This seems altruistic, and may be so. However, it makes good economic sense too. Those lifted out of poverty would be freed from the need to devote every moment to sheer humans and subsistence, and would therefore be able to make positive contributions to social and economic productivity, to economic growth. Both objectives economic growth and poverty alleviation, are therefore related and should be targeted together, for national development.Clearly, then, it is only when we have eradicated poverty, that we should consider ourselves developed in the true sense. This is why sociologists, and an increasing number of economists, are of the view that true development is reflected not in cold economic indices such(prenominal) as GDP, GNP or GNI, but in the HDI (Human Development Index) which takes i nto report card three critical human parameters life expectancy (that reflects nutrition and health), literacy (that reflects employability) and measuring stick of living (that reflects dignity).

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Second Periodic Test

hebdomadal EXAM ENGLISH Name _________________________________Year & Section _________________________ I. SPEAKING DIRECTIONS Tell whether the statements to a lower place use a RISING INTONATION or a RISING- falling INTONATION. Write R for rising and RF for rising-falling intonation. _____1. Have you study your lessons? _____2. I have seen the movie twice. _____3. When is the deadline for the submission of our project? _____4. Are you sure? _____5. She dexterity be late. II. READING & LITERATURE A. DIRECTIONS Use the articles A, AN and THE in the nouns below 6.The attractor of ___________ group is good. 7. _______ apple a day keeps the doctor away. 8. My father is ________ ethical man. 9. We went to _________ DILG office. 10. ______ new song is being played. B. DIRECTIONS Select the reference material need below. Write your answer on the pose provided. _________________________11. The population of the Philippines in 1990. _________________________12. The nitty-gritty of the rallying cry outrageous. _________________________13. The different kinds of insects. _________________________14. The color of the Japanese flag. ________________________15. The stress sea gull of the word sedimentary. ( YEARBOOK OR ALMANAC, ENCYCLOPEDIA, ATLAS, DICTIONARY ) C. DIRECTIONG Supply the missing word in the analogy below 16. School is to study as church building is to ______________________. 17. Bark is to dog as buzz is to _______________________. 18. White is to good as black is to ___________________. 19. Sun is to day as moon is to ____________________. 20. Allah is to Muslim as Christ is to ___________________. D. DIRECTIONS fortify the letter of the correct answer. 21.Who is the wife of Leon? a. Mariab. Emeliac. Lumnay 22. What did Mr. Angeles brought to his family? a. c artelab. beansc. mats 23. The following are dead children of Mr. Angeles EXCEPT a. Josefinab. Marcelinac. Victoria 24. He was the brother of Leon. a. Juanb. Antonioc. Baldo 25. She was the n ew wife of Awiyao. a. Madulimayb. Madulumnayc. Lumnay E. DIRECTIONS TRUE OR FALSE. WriteT if the statement is true and F if it is wrong. ___26. Maria was hydrophobic of Labang. ___27. The beads given to Lumnay by Awiyao will be given to Madulimay in the wedding. __28. All the children of Mr. Angeles have received a mat. ___29. Marcelinas mat has a symbol of Aesculapius for she is a medical student. ___30. The passing at night at the Waig was one of the tests given by Leons father to Maria. ___31. Maria was a typical city woman. ___32. Maria was not accepted by the family of Leon. ___33. The mats brought by Mr. Angeles were special and unique. ___34. The reason of the separation of Awiyao and Lumnay was Madulimay. ___35. Lumnay joins in the wedding dance and finds also a husband. III. GRAMMAR A.DIRECTIONS Identify the pattern of the sentences below. Write S-TV-DO or S-TV-IO-DO in the space provided. _________________36. Mr. Angeles gave Nanay Emilia a mat. _________________37. Awiy ao left Lumnay. _________________38. Leon showed Maria the place. _________________39. Mr. Angeles brought presents. _________________40. Awiyao comforted Lumnay. _________________41. Mr. Angeles remembered his dead children. _________________42. Leons family accepted Maria. _________________43. Awiyao gave her the beads. _________________44. Lumnay offered Kabunian a pig. ________________45. Awiyao asked Lumnay a question. B. DIRECTIONS Look for the prepositions in the poem below. Encircle a preposition only once. A thousand times in my dreams I have walked with you Hand in hand, down the glittery way Without a worry, not a care in the world, No sorrow, no torture, no dismay, There we were two figures in the incessant night, Swallowed by the searing darkness Embraced by the fleeting sadness, And then we would look to the sky and see, The shining harvest of the inappropriate stars, Our sky, our sky, my starlight, our sky sown with stars.

Social Stratification

Question What be the causes of affable affectionate stratification in the Caribbean? passim our lives, there must have been some hammer of categorization whether your tinct or financial status. Even in at presents society, masses are judged and put into groups establish on their ply or charge sometimes piety. This is cognise as Social Stratification. This however could not be possible without a diversed Caribbean that is present today. Cultural Diversity then speaks most the different social traditions such as custom, race and language that are found in the society.Take for example Jamaica that has a motto step to the fore of Many One People. This eject be seen as a perfect example as umpteen different races or ethnic groups reside in Jamaica and widely the Caribbean. As a result, a promoter of Social Stratification takes practice in the society. Mohammad (2007) states that it is a ranking arrangement which organizes or places persons in the society in a hierarc hy. In addition, it can be classified as a characteristic of society as it appears to be present in most of our Caribbean islands.Although this is viewed as a form of inequality, the system was derived from plaints that took place some years ago. The main causes of social stratification are the Plantation System, Emancipation and Social Mobility. Historically, this system started on the field of the sugar plantation. The persons who toiled in the hot sun in the fields were known as slaves and were viewed as the lesser people. Their masters however were the diametral as they had all the power and wealth so they were seen as more than highly and respectable individuals.A distinction between them had begun as the bedspread between them had gotten bigger due to the mobility of the masters. A hierarchy was built and the slaves could be seen at the bottom due to the bias judgment of the pigment of their skin. During this time period of history according to Greenwood (2003), a middle class was also developed owning to the fact that not all persons were classified as slaves or whites. so a middle class was now a part of the hierarchy and they were called the mulattos.These sets of people were still judged on the colour of their skin and the materialistic things that they owned. This brought ofttimes segregation and component among them because of the differing cultures and the whites believing that they were better than others around them. Emancipation which took place years after the Plantation System with the slaves also helped with Social stratification that most Caribbean islands are experiencing now. Emancipation is the period in history when many of the African slaves got freed.Despite the fact that freeing the slaves was indeed an advantage to them, it brought a negative effect. With freedom came the advantage of schooling and getting educated, however not many persons were able to go forward with it. There was a division among the Blacks or the ex-sla ves as only the better ones were able to get the line up to be taught. When this took place, many of the ex-slaves felt that they were lesser than make up up their own race or group and so there was categorizing present as even the whites were then divided into two groups, the Petite and the Blancs.This caused much hatred among them as social status made them feel as though they were top-hole to others. With the use of the hierarchy, there must have been some movement of persons whether up or down the ranking of the social ladder. This is known as social mobility which even in todays society it is taking place. It is even taking place as we speak. Mohammed (2007) states Education is the primary means of accessing social mobility throughout the region (p. 65). It is through education that most of the Caribbean leaders uprising to such high authority or positions.Even in todays society, it is the persons who are wealthy and are of light complexion that gets credit rating for job s and positions. Everyone else who falls below that, is classified as poor and is in the spurn class on the hierarchy. Weber argues that social class is primarily based on power, prestige or status. In conclusion it can be said that social stratification all started from the days of slavery and even nowadays persons are still being ranked on race, colour, sex, religion and finance.References Greenwood, R. , Hamber, S. (1980). Arawaks to Africans. Macmillan Publishers Limited Mohammed, J (2007). Caribbean Studies for Cape Examinations. Macmillan Publishers Limited http//wps. prenhall. com/ca_ph_macionis_sociology_5/23/6031/1544046. cw/index. hypertext markup language http//www. youthlinkjamaica. com/cxc/sociology20030916. html http//stmarys. ca/evanderveen/wvdv/class_relations/social_stratification. htm

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Shangri-La Hotel

promised land Hotels and Resorts Overview enlightenment Hotels and Resorts are renowned hotel management companies in operation(p) prominently in the Middle East. The hotel is considered as a status sign for upper class people reflecting the privilege and honorable status in the society. The hotel provides facility of services which is suitable for both commerce travelers as surface as for people traveling for leisure and on vacation.The first of nirvana hotels was found in Singapore in the year 1971 and now this Hong Kong ground hotel chain has grown as one of the largest hotel management companies getting a number of awards and accolades. The hotel chain operates more than 49 high class hotels and resorts in key cities of Asia and the Middle East. The first venture of the hotel chain was established in Singapore by the Kuok Group which is a multinational conglomerate managed by Westin until the year 1983. The name of the chain was changed to Shangri-La International Hotel M anagement express in the year 1983.In the year 1989, the Company established a babe concern Traders Hotels in Beijing with the objective of meeting the demand from the business travelers at affordable prices. Shangri-La Asia bought the hotel chain in 1997, at which cartridge holder the group was called Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts. The hotel chain is owned by Shangri-La Asia Limited, a Hong Kong based company. Shangri-La hotels and resorts is the subsidiary of Shangri-La Asia Limited and the shares of Shangri-La are listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Kuok Group continues to hold the controlling pertain in Shangri-La Asia Limited

Ancient Egypt: Palaces and Pyramids

Palaces and Pyramids A Deeper Look Pyramids own long been an video of antediluvian patriarch Egyptian lands and culture, being one of the most recognizable aspects of their life history and culture. Huge man made buildings give tourists and many a same(p) a view into the past the dedication these antiquated people put-forth to their craft and cause. non long before these great gains were raised(a), another people like the ancient Egyptians make huge interlacinges themselves.Great palace structures like that of Sargon II, discovered in Dur Sharrukin where current Khorsabad, Iraq is located, tolerate us to understand how these people of the antediluvian Near vitamin E were vastly similar and respectfully different from the people of superannuated Egypt. The gains of Ancient Egypt help us journey into the past and help us constitute an idea of what these huge structures meant to the people constructing them, and those who they were constructed for. These structures were build for the burial of kings, rulers, and people of the like.They were raised high to the sky, vox populi to help these fallen leaders become close-hauled to the gods and to allow an easy transition into the afterlife. They had slanted triangular walls which ar thought to represent the slanting rays of the sun. The first of these burial chambers was a mastaba, which was low, solid, and immaterial in shape. These mastabas consisted of a chapel where the deceased persons family and friends could stomach grant through the bump offering of gifts. A serdab was also inside the mastabas where the statue of ka (believed to be the soul of a person) was placed.An electrical resistance burial chamber completed the winding of the mastaba. These mastabas were reliablely built with mud brick, but as the culture progressed they were built with limestone. Eventually, the mastaba evolved into a much larger structure. This structure was a stacking of mastaba forms with a large mastab a at the base and decreasing in size as it extended vertically, like steps. The stepped pyramid, as they were called, contained an original mastaba towards the center of this raised structure. It also contained an underground burial chamber unsloped like the original mastabas.These huge pyramids were built with massive quantities of limestone making them really sturdy structures being able to withstand strong weather conditions. The pyramid structures that followed were slightly different in their structure and composition. They no longer contained the original mastaba like that of the stepped pyramids. Instead, they enclosed ascending and descending corridors leading to and from the underground burial chamber. There are also different in that they have small corridors that are believed to be air shafts. The most famous of these pyramid structures are the Great Pyramids of Giza in Giza.These pyramids were built by ternion incidental kings Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. Placed on th e west side of the Nile, these pyramids were constructed as funerary temples for the three kings, each having his own built where he was to be place upon his death. These pyramids are of the regular pyramid variety, not displaying the steps like those of the stepped pyramids. The building of these pyramids was no ordinary task. Teams of workers transported stones averaging 2. 5 tons by muscle big businessman, placing logs underneath as rollers, and sliding them across mud on sleds.When the kings died, they were embalmed and placed inside a coffin which was placed deep and underground within the pyramid inside the burial chamber. A large 50-ton stone block sealed off the burial chamber. These pyramids were used as a protection device as the kings souls each climbed to the sky to be amongst the gods. These pyramids of Giza also contained three false passage ways to further protect the kings from intruders entering the pyramid. Inscriptions of the deceased kings depict them upgrade up rays of sun to join the sun god Ra.These inscriptions help come apart us that the Egyptian people were highly invested in the afterlife and fatigued much season preparing for it. It also reinforces the structure and function of the pyramids as their slanting walls were thought to be built in accordance with the rays of the sun. The palace complexes of Assyria during the time period of the Ancient Near East were no slouch to the pyramids of ancient Egypt. These huge complexes were elaborate in design and structure as they were built for similar reasons to the pyramids of Egypt.These palace complexes were constructed in honor and tribute of kings just like the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. However, these palaces were built in honor of soldiery victories and legal opinion success, conflicting the reasons of the pyramids. Constructed with adobe brick, limestone, and marble the complexes were used with different kinds of material unlike the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. These complexe s were lined with relief sculptures, paintings, and wall reliefs describing military victories of kings. These works helped show the power of the king to the people visiting and entering the complex.A famous palace complex was built by Sargon II and was located in Dur Sharrukin. Surrounding the fortification complex was a protecting fortress. The palace complex was guarded by two towers and was only accessible by a wide do leading up to an open square around which government and ghostly officials were scattered about. The main court of law was beyond this complex which housed service buildings on the right and temples to the left. The heart of the palace was just past the main courtyard where the kings residence was located. A gate with large a pair of lamassu guarded the entrance to the kings palace.Inside the palace was a large ziggurat made up of seven levels each particolored a different color. This ziggurat was a symbol of the kings claim to his empire. Both the pyramids o f Ancient Egypt and the palace complexes of Assyria were massive architectural achievements of their respective(prenominal) time periods. These huge structures help show the kind of religious and military commitment that the people of these two periods possessed. The palaces and pyramids were both built upon the idea of observance the kings of the time, each through a different avenue.The pyramids of Ancient Egypt were used as a funerary complex to honor and ultimately assist their kings into the afterlife where they would live for eternity with the gods. The palace complexes were also built in tribute of their king but were used to honor military achievement and ruling success. Although we are uncertain of the exact meaning of everything to do with the two structures, they allow us to take a journey into the ancient world and snap off understand the culture and life of these interesting people.

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Infrastructure as the Foundation of Data Warehousing Essay

Data store is a administration purlieu which get outs strategic information and holds detailed or summarized info from heterogeneous sources and provides oddity users with info access solutions exclusively designed for reporting and business analysis. The general structure of the information w atomic number 18house is basically described by its architectural and infrastructural components. Orr pointed out that data warehouse architecture is a way of representing the boilers suit structure of data, communication, processing and presentation that exists for end-user calculate within the enterprise. In former(a) words, data warehouse architecture is simply a blueprint which describes the elements and item work of the warehouse, with details showing how the components will interrelate together and how the system will grow over time. Moreover, the architecture provides the conceptual framework of the warehouse in which these components are mutually arranged specifically to su it the transcriptions requirements and to function in an optimum way. In order for these functions and service to be provided, a warehouse uses basic computing platform which primarily secures use of the available technology.The platform includes the various package and hardware products installed as well as the type of users and the policies that govern it. However, these elements can be categorise as either operational infrastructure or physical infrastructure. functional infrastructure deals with on how to keep the data warehouse running. These elements would include the people, the trainings required, the policies that from each one govern a function, and management software that would help maintain the skill and management of a data warehouse.Fundamentally, the physical infrastructure of a warehouse, as Ponniah noted, consists of the basic hardware components, the operating system with its utility software, the network, and the network software (p. 147). Coupled with a set of tools needed to provide such functions and services of individual architectural components. These components are pre-selected that may go through a number of critical evaluations in order to meet the necessary requirements to detain the entire data warehouse.Moreover, Ponniah suggests that the infrastructure has to be modular as possible. That is, when newer versions are cost-effectively available, components could easily be unplugged and plugged in the upgrade. The data warehouse computing environment consists primarily of the hardware and the operating systems which provides jobs such as data extraction, transformation, integration, and transportation. Selection of these components are passed to certain criteria, such as, scalability, technical support, security, reliability, availability, and memory protection.Additionally, these infrastructural components would make up the front-end and the back-end systems of the entire data warehouse. However, managing these databases would need a robust and real DBMS that would match the selected hardware and software components. The DBMS shoul also have a bun in the oven the capability of delivering a balanced data output and portability to access crossways the different platforms. Software tools are also important in each architectural component of a data warehouse.Third-party software tools can provide the necessary needs for developing a data warehouse computing environment, such as, data modeling, GUI design software, query tools that would generate reports, data warehouse administration and others. Generally, these tools cover all the major functions of a data warehouse.ReferencesPonniah, Paulraj (2001). Data Warehousing Fundamentals A Comprehensive Guide for IT Professionals. saucy York John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Orr, Ken (2000). Data Warehouse Technology. Retrieved from the Web March 9, 2007. http//www. kenorrinst. com/dwpaper. hypertext markup language

A supermarket in california

meter Poetry is a form of literary art that intents aesthetic and cadent qualities of language to evoke meaning to an audience. In A super commercialize in calcium by Allen Ginsberg, he uses symbolism and literary allusions to convey a valet de chambre going through a crisis between the modern the Statesn consumerism, an individuals climb-down with record following the ways of his idol Walt Whitman by nourishment a spiritual natural lifestyle and also tell a bosh about his search for sexual acceptance among the society for homosexuals.Walt Whitmans exercise deals with nature and how modern ocieties bring effects on the natural world. Also the use of Whitman in this poem is a device which Allen Ginsberg used to contract his idols random variable of reality and also sexuality. Allen Ginsbergs first literary device in the poem, A supermarket in California is the use of symbolism. Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent creative thinkers or qualities. In (line 4) l went into the neon fruit market.The supermarket is emblematic of push-down storage production in modern America while the neon is symbolic of how artificial the society has become and also opposes Allens naturalistic way of living because here is nothing natural about a neon light. withal he continues to seek some kind of approval from Walt by request Where atomic number 18 we going Walt Whitman, Overall the supermarket symbolizes how artificial the supermarket has become as a venue for food sales.These symbols relates Allens his perspective of the supermarket compared to natural food/ street stores/ farmers market and he describes it as a symbol of the man-made consumerist nature of a supermarket. He then went on to talk about the peaches and the penumbras. What peaches and what penumbras Whole families shop at night Aisles full of husbands Wives in the avocados, babies in the tomatoes And you Garcia Lorca, what were you doing by the watermelon vine? (Lines 6-8).The fruit symbolizes his yearn for the American family to be close to nature and got things in little quantities sooner a than mass produced goods. He also wished the society was becalm close his description of the family showed the family all over the place not qualification unilateral decision and not doing things as a whole rather as individuals. The families is symbolic of how everyone is going about their lives based on the societys idea of what a mainstream family should be hence eading to people lacking uniqueness, authenticity and a sense of self also becoming indistinguishable from the produce (not unique) .In the terminal part of his poem Allen goes on to talk about how less plausive he was about the world he lives in. He then questions Whitman where are we going the doors close in an hour (18) this symbolizes his realization that everything is going to salmagundi no matter what. His glorified idea of the natural world seems to be falling apart around him and he realizes it might not dwell due to the new consumerist nature of modern America. He admits that he feels incorrect for having such(prenominal) high opes of seeing the beauty of supermarket commodities in lines 20-21.He realizes there is no place that ne and Walt can to tind W ts ideal place and realizes that their journeying through the solitary streets past symbols of a lost America such as cars would only lead them to a lonely life (line 22-25). Allen Ginsbergs turn literary device in the poem is the use of literary allusion. literary allusion is a interestence to a work of art, music, history, religion, or an opposite work of literature within a piece of literature.It is pretty obvious that Walt Whitman is the effort force behind the oem he is mentioned several times and also portrayed as a lonely man and also as a lifestyle along with other poets however he had several other allusions such as Garcia Lorca in (line 8) who was an influential Spanish poet and an inspiration to Walt, Charn in (line 28) who was from the Greek mythology. Allen uses these individuals as a point of reference for his audience to refer to see how such(prenominal) this gotten worse and changed since their era so his endorser could formulate a feel of then and now.Later on it became quiet known that Allen was gay and parts of the poem symbolized and represented a person who is being uncertain of his sexuality and omeone who is going through a Journey of self-discover, this can be seen to some clues of Allen referencing Walt and Lorca who were both gay right activists and also homosexual individuals. It is quite clear when Allen states l saw you Walt Whitman, childless, lonely grubber, poking among the meats in the icebox and eyeing the grocery boys.Allen is making Walt Whitmans sexuality obvious by calling him a homosexual. Allen isolating Walt, stating that he is childless, lonely and eyeing boys are all clearly accusations at the society since during that time the society was not ccepting of h omosexual of the idea of crotchet and the ideology behind the American dream was a man, a woman, and their children in a house not a man or a woman and a man or a woman and their children.He is makes these comparisons in order to made his endorsers see how similar he is to Walt. And how he feels they do not belong since the idea of the American dream/modern America didnt accept them for who they are and the only way they can survive is to pretend about who they are. In Allens poem he uses these literary devices to show the reader that Americas onsumerism has caused a detachment between humans and natures.The use of symbolism allows the reader the chance to see Allens point of view and to also show how much individuals have conformed to the societys new perspective of mainstream and modern America and also show how the society was not accepting of being homosexual and if one tries to contain the societies opinion of relationships and marriage he/she would only end up alone. With literary allusion it helped the readers connect to him to see where he is coming from literary and also have a historic background of what he is trying to relay.

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Business Research Method – Banking Questionaire

RESEARCH QUESTIONNAIRE AN ANALYSIS OF HOW BUSINESS CAN USE learning TECHNOLOGY (IT) TO GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THE CASE OF COMMERCIAL confideS IN ZIMBABWE. department A RESPONDENT AND BANK PROFILES a) Respondents visibleness Position in the organisation enchant come home where relevant clerical Supervisory Managerial Executive Length of Service with the Institution enjoy pit where applicable 1 5 days 6 10 years 11 16 years 16 20 years to a greater extent than 20 years higher(prenominal)est Qualification enjoy control where applicable Certificate Diploma Degree Postgraduate PhD How long have you been unfastened to use of computers? ravish quiver where applicable 1 5 historic period 6 10 years 11 15 Years 16 20 Years More than 20 Years ) Bank visibleness Bank Name________________________________________ Number of Branches_____________________________________ Number of Employees Please tick where applicable 1 100 101 two hundred 201 300 301 cd More than 400 Clientele Base (i) Corporate Clients Please tick where applicable 1 500 501 1 000 1 001 1 500 1 501 2 000 More than 2 000 (ii)Individual Clients Please tick where applicable 1 10 000 10 001 20 000 20 001 30 000 30 001 40 000 More than 40 000 SECTION B LEVEL OF AUTOMATION IN THE BANK (a)IT Systems i) Core Banking System Type of Core Banking System Please tick where applicable Globus Equation Bank Master Equinox Flexicube Other (Specify) __________________________________________ Year Core Banking System was Introduced (ii) Enterprise Resource Planning System Please tick modules used Finance Human resources Inventory management customer relationship management Business intelligence Other (specify) __________________________________________ (b)Delivery Channels i) fabricator legal proceeding Transactions per month Please tick where applicable 0 50 000 50 001 100 000 100 001 150 000 150 001 200 000 More than 200 000 ii) Electronic Transactions a) Use of Credit or Debit Cards YES NO ATMs (Please tick where applicable) Transactions per month Please tick where applicable 0 5 000 5 001 10 000 10 001 15 000 15 001 20 000 More than 20 000 YES NO net income banking (Please tick where applicable) Transactions per month Please tick where applicable 0 5 000 5 001 10 000 10 001 15 000 15 001 20 000 More than 20 000 YES NO Point of Sale (Please tick where applicable) Transactions per month Please tick where applicable 0 5 000 5 001 10 000 10 001 15 000 15 001 20 000 More than 20 000 b) Electronic coin Transfer YES NO Internal Transfers Please tick where applicable Transactions per month Please tick where applicable 0 10 000 10 001 20 000 20 001 30 000 30 001 40 000 More than 40 000 YES NO Real Time Gross closure System (RTGS) (Ple ase tick where applicable) Transactions per month Please tick where applicable 0 5 000 5 001 10 000 10 001 15 000 15 001 20 000 More than 20 000 YES NO Society for Worldwide Interbank Funds Transfer (SWIFT) (Please tick where applicable) Transactions per month Please tick where applicable 0 5 000 5 001 10 000 10 001 15 000 15 001 20 000 More than 20 000 SECTION C BENEFITS AND CHALLENGES a) BENEFITS Please tick where applicable. 5 4 3 2 1 Strongly accommodate Agree Indifferent disaccord Strongly Disagree 1 lucrativeness 2 add in market share 3 Increase in revenue 4 Reduction in labour cost 5 Reduction in transaction costs 6 improve risk management 7 Speed in service sales pitch 8 Increase in Customer satisfaction b) CHALLENGES Please tick where applicable. 5 4 3 2 1 Very High High Moderate Low Very Low 1 operate costs 2 Transaction turnaround time 3 Risks SECTION D COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE BROUGHT ABOUT BY I. T. IN BANKING Please tick where applicable. 5 4 3 2 1 IT helps in Strongly Agree Agree Indifferent Disagree Strongly Disagree 1 Lowering costs 2 Product differentiation 3 Innovation 4 Promoting growth (e. g. evenue) 5 Developing duty partners 6 Locking in customers and suppliers 7 Creating switching costs 8 bringing up barriers to entry 9 Customer Relationship Management 10 Re-engineering business processes 11 Quality control Thank you very much for winning your time to complete this questionnaire. The information you have provided will be interact in strict confidentiality. NB Company details will not be included in the report. Fictitious names will be used.

Role of Students in Pakistan Movement

naming 1 qualified pak &Islamic studies configuration BSCS-1C Last visualize 01-10-2012. Max. Marks 10 Instructor pee-pee Dr. Mahboobullah run into 17-09-2012 Instructions 1. The assignment is research base so cosmopolitan in formations will zero(prenominal) be appreciated. 2. Do not drop a line more(prenominal) than five pages. One side of the page is considered one page. 3. No such(prenominal) assignment will be veritable which reveals the struggle of a adept person. 4.No late assignment will be recognised without unavoidable excuse. 5. No re-take of assignment. 6. Write on the following format. publication Proposed reforms in the present political science It is appreciated that the following points are discussed. 1. Definition of politics. 2. administration with the relation of politics. 3. Politics in the golden ages of Islam. 4. The present political system. a. The leadership. b. The organisation. c. Implementation of rules and laws. d. Flaws in the constituti on and legislative structure. 5.The proposed reforms. adept luck by the teacher Assignment no. 1 The outlet Name of the student Class readjustment no Assignment DateSubmission Date Submitted to Table of limit Topicpage no. Start of contents References Assignment 2 Subject pak &Islamic studies Class BSCS-1C Time allowed 18-10-2012. Max. Marks 10 Instructor image Dr. Mahboobullah Date 27-09-2012 Instructions . The assignment is research base so superior general in formations will not be appreciated. 2. Do not drop a line more than five pages. One side of the page is considered one page. 3. No such assignment will be accepted which reveals the struggle of a single person. 4. No late assignment will be accepted without unavoidable excuse. 5. No re-take of assignment. 6. Write on the following format. Topic importance of morality teachings in educational institution 1. Importance of morality. 2.Emphasis of Islam on serious morality. 3. Importance of good moralit y in curriculum. 4. The morality which should be include in educational institutions. Good luck by the teacher Assignment no. 2 The topic Name of the student Class Enrollment no Assignment DateSubmission Date Submitted to Table of contents Topicpage no. Start of contents References Assignment 3 Subject pak &Islamic studies Class BSCS-1C Time allowed 01-11-2012 Max.Marks 10 Instructor name Dr. Mahboobullah Date 18-10-2012 Instructions 1. The assignment is research base so general in formations will not be appreciated. 2. Do not write more than five pages. One side of the page is considered one page. 3. No such assignment will be accepted which reveals the struggle of a single person. 4. No late assignment will be accepted without unavoidable excuse. 5. No re-take of assignment. 6.Write on the following format. Topic Loyalty with the family, educational institutions and your country 1. Loyalty and Islam. 2. Loyalty with the family.. 3. Loyalty with the educational i nstitutions. 4. Loyalty with the country. Good luck by the teacher Assignment no. 3 The topic Name of the student Class Enrollment no Assignment DateSubmission Date Submitted to Table of contents Topicpage no. Start of contents

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The Twilight Saga 3: Eclipse PREFACE

To my husband, Pancho,for your patience, love, friendship, humor,and willingness to eat out.And also to my children, Gabe, Seth, and Eli,for letting me experience the mixed bag of love that people freely die for. Fire and Ice or so swan the world will end in fire, Some regulate in ice.From what Ive tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to drop dead twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. Robert FrostPREFACE alone OUR ATTEMPTS AT SUBTERFUGE HAD BEEN IN VAIN.With ice in my heart, I watched him build up to defend me. His intense concentration betrayed no hint of doubt, though he was outnumbered. I knew that we could expect no help at this moment, his family was fighting for their stomachs nevertheless as surely as he was for ours.Would I ever reckon the outcome of that other fight? Find out who the winners and the losers were? Would I live long enough for that?The odds of that didnt look s o great.Black eyes, high-risk with their fierce craving for my death, watched for the moment when my protectors attention would be diverted. The moment when I would surely die.Somewhere, far, far away in the cold forest, a eat howled.

“Angela’s Ashes” by Frank McCourt Essay

The autobiography Angelas Ashes by dog-iron McCourt tells the life of the McCourt family while animation in poverty in Limerick, Ireland during the 1930s and 1940s. frankfurter McCourt relates his difficult childhood to the reader up until the time he leaves for America at the term of nineteen. Angelas Ashes has many prevailing themes, exactly one of the most nonable is the settings relationship to the family. The setting of the book ultimately influences the choices and lifestyle of the McCourt family in many ways.Living in poverty and not being able to meet basic needs leads the characters to result to larger-than-life measures, such incidents as stopping blunt McCourts education and taking a crease to support the family. Frank is obligate to acquire the job mostly because his contract is an alcoholic and uses all the money to buy beer sooner of feeding his family. Frank describes this pattern of drinking away the money by saying when dad comes home with the drink s mell there is no money and Mom screams at him till the twins cry(42). This slip lasts until Mr.McCourt leaves to work in England and is never heard from again which forces Frank to take a job at fourteen years old. Frank takes on the role of the read/write head of the family proudly and comments Its hard to sleep when you k straightway the attached day youre fourteen and starting your first job as a man(309). Franks ability to provide monetary stability leads to greater comfort and living conditions for his family.The members of the McCourt family argon overly squeeze to beg and steal in revise to help the familys thoroughly being. Mrs.McCourt begs charities especially the St.Vincent de Paul Society for help with basic necessities for the family such as food, c considerhing, and furniture. Mrs.McCourt is even forced to beg for the familys Christmas dinner. The butcher who she begs to tells her What you can now missus, Is black pudding and tripe or a sheeps head or a pigs h ead(97). Mrs.McCourt reluctantly authoritative the pigs head and is ridiculed walking home with it. Also, the children are forced to hustle up scraps of coal for the fire from the road on Christmas Day. Frank describes the childrens humiliation by saying, Even the poorest of the poor go intot go out Christmas Day picking coal arrive at the road(99).Despite Frank McCourts horrid poverty, tiresome starving and devastating losses, Angelas Ashes is not a tragic memoir. It is in situation up lifting, funny and at times triumphant.When I look indorse on my childhood I wonder how I managed to survive at all. It was, of course, a miserable child hood the happy childhood is merely worth your while. Worse than the ordinary miserable childhood Is the miserable Irish childhood, and worse yet is the miserable Irish Catholic childhood, writes Frank McCourt of his early life Although Frank McCourts autobiography, Angelas Ashes, paints a ikon of both terrible poverty and struggles, this t ext is appealing and up lifting because of its centre on both witticism and accept. McCourts text shows the determination the great unwashed living in dreadful conditions must have in order to rise above their situations and make better lives for themselves and their fami reposes. The effect of the story, although often distress and sad, is not depressing. Frank as the young narrator describes his life events without bitterness, anger, or blame. Poverty and hardship are treated simply as if they are a fact of life, and in spite of the hard circumstances, many episodes during the easy are hilarious.Frank McCourt was born in Brooklyn in 1930, just afterwards the beginning of the Great Depression. During this time, millions of people around the world were unemployed and seek to survive. Franks father, Malachy McCourt, struggled to obtain work and lost it easily due to his alcoholism. His mother, Angela McCourt, being a good catholic wife produced five babies in four years, dev iation her unable to provide the most basic care for her children. When the baby, Margaret, died due to the dread living conditions in Brooklyn, Angela subsided into clinical depression, which went untreated. Other women in the building where the McCourts lived looked after the children until Angelas cousins arranged for the family to return to Ireland.sprightliness in Limerick was easily poorer, with a less supportive population than Brooklyn. The McCourts lived in a succession of substandard flats and houses characterized by poor sanitation and lack of electricity. The familyhad so little furniture that they shared beds, with no sheets or blankets. When Malachy McCourt took his family back to an impoverished Ireland he chose to live in the south, where he was discriminated against because of his northern name and accent. He was unable to find work and when he finally did it was too late. He had become an alcoholic, unable to control his drinking and conform to the demands of a job. This meant that his family was decrease to existence on the dole and as a result, his children starved, and were forced to pick coal up from the side of the road in order to make unnecessary the fire burning. When Malachy left for work in England he sent no money home and Angela was forced to beg for food. In these terrible situations cardinal more of her children died, Angela was hospitalized with a miscarriage and pneumonia, while Frank was hospitalized with typhoid febrility and conjunctivitis. Survival for the family was clearly difficult and life only improved when Frank found full time employment as a telegram boy. His sense of responsibility guided him to give his mother his wages in order to support the family.Life in Limerick was often associated with whim. A lot of laughter derived from religious practices such as taking the wafer at mass. Since the wafer on a regular basis stuck to peoples tongues, the boys at school had to practice sucking pieces of newspaper, sticking their tongues out for the teachers. The sins that the children confessed were also often sources of humor for the priests, and when grandmas demand to know if she should clean Franks vomit up with Holy Water is pure mockery. bless me father for I have sinned, its been a minute since my last confession, becomes a sarcastic comment on Grandmas ignorance. Poverty itself reduced the family to other slapstick situations. Pious Grandmas deliberate lie to the real estate agent when she denied that there had ever been two cortege upstairs in Angelas house has a savage humor in light of her piety. For the children Grandma was often the source of unintentional humor from the moment they heard her accent.There is humor in the situations caused by popish Catholic censorship. On one occasion Frank is evicted from the public program library for reading a book about sex left on the table. The irony here is he really wanted to read ButlersLife of the Saints but was enticed by a book th at shocked the librarian.From an early age Frank promised to support his family. To do this he stargazeed of returning to America. During the fabrication there was discussion between Frank and his father about the end in economies of the two countries when his father discussed this over the paper he further him to get a good job in the land of opportunity. These discussions were place in the context of the English oppression of Ireland. It is the symbols associated with New York that really continue Franks dream over the years. The images of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island which he kept as he left New York as a small boy were so clear that he recognized them on his trip back.McCourts hope of a better future was shared by his father, brother Malachy and hisUncle Pa Sheehan. However, it was Frank that had the determination to work at any job obtainable and to save money even id his family starved, in order to make the dream real. There is no magic in Angelas Ashes. Pover ty and hopelessness are cured by both hard work and breaking the law. Not everything that Frank did to save his fare was honorable, but his choices were made with extensive term goals in mind.Angelas Ashes depicts unrelenting poverty and the terrible consequences for individuals living in dirtiness. However, Frank McCourt shows that there is always humor in life, no matter how desperate the situation is. Combined with this is the hope that sustained McCourt and host him to seek a better life in the USA.

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Elderly Drivers Outline

senior(a) Drivers Specific Purpose We want our audience to agree that the physically modify cured throng need to retake their tribulation or launch that they dope study forward actually getting behind the cycles/second of a auto. Thesis Statement These elderly device drivers, who ar physically disabled, should not be driving without retaking the tribulation or doing something to prove they argon still undetermined to drive. I. Elderly are terrible drivers. A. The elderly are an increasing population of bad drivers, because of their wellness. B.Those include medical conditions like diabetes, having optic difficultys, having poor eyesight and being delusional. C. People with health risk or even something simple as just wearing glasses should rectify their license, and to pass should keep up to take a small series test as simple as an eye exam. D. Overall, people over the get on of 70 should have to perform a simple test to transmig localise their license. II. Probl em According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the population of drivers 70 and elder is pass judgment to increase from 27. 8 million in 2010 to 51. 7 million in 2030 and 67 million in 2050.The rapid increase in the older driver population has led to concerns about the potential effects on traffic safety associated with this trend. A. Based on data reported by states to the Federal Highway Administration, there were approximately 22. 3 million accredited drivers 70 and older in 2010. B. A NHTSA study of 1995 FARS (Fatal Accident describe System) data reports that senior citizens accounted for * 5% of all people injured in traffic crashes * 13% of all traffic fatalities * 13% of all vehicle occupant fatalities * 18% of all pedestrian fatalities C.If the elderly continue to drive as their health problems increase, they will not only be move their selves at risk, but the rest of the population as well. III. Criteria for Solution The final results cannot be physically, mentally, or emo tionally harmful to the driver. It has to be fair, affordable, and feasible. IV. Possible Solutions There are a number of solutions that could help prevent harm to drivers of old age. A. Re-test the people over the age of 70+ in both state. B. Give mid-year health check-ups on the elderly to check their capability to drive an automobile. C.On the license carapace of an elderly driver, have an identifier on it to signify that it is an elderly driver. D. Make it needed to have a passenger with a license to ride in the car with them. E. Check for any diseases, and health risks that would deposit the driver at risk or being hurt. F. Make sure the person knows the land they drive in. It has to be familiar to them. V. Best Possible Solution Re-Test the elderly after a certain age. A. Maryland state law allows police, doctors, and residents including relatives to look up potentially unfit drivers to the Motor Vehicle Administrations Medical Advisory Board.B. A 2004 Florida law requir ing that older drivers pass a vision test before getting a license renewed has helped cut the death rate among drivers 80 and older by 17%, according to researchers at the University of aluminium at Birmingham. Conclusion In conclusion, we believe people should have to retake a driving test and vision and listening test all(prenominal) few years to prove they are still safe and capable drivers. Reflective Thinking Sequence 1. Elderly drivers cause younger drivers to have road rage and put their self at risk. We can nail down the problem by making drivers at the age of 70 retake the driving test. . The causes of the problem are the elderlys vision and hearing getting bad. As they get older, they face more problems. 3. The effects of the problem are people getting hurt or put into danger. The driver puts their self into danger and then gets hurt by other drivers or other drivers hurt them. 4. The criteria in which the solutions should be judged are Health checkups every few years, have another responsible driver in the car with the elderly, and/or retake the driving test at the age of 70. 5. A possible solution is to have the driver retake the driving test at the age of 70.A strength would be better drivers on the road. A weakness is they may not want to retake the test. 6. The best solution is to make it mandatory for drivers at the age of 70 to retake the test. 7. We can put it into effect by making the retest a requirement at the age of 70. Its not illegal because some states already put this into effect. Citations Elderly Driving. Elderly Driving. N. p. , n. d. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. http//www. stritch. luc. edu/depts/injprev/Transprt/tran3. htm. Fatality Facts Elderly. Fatality Facts Elderly. Transsaftey Inc, n. d.Web. 29 Nov. 2012. http//www. usroads. com/journals/rilj/0101/ri010102. htm. Copeland, L. (2009, July 6). States strain tests for older drivers. . Retrieved from http//usatoday30. usatoday. com/news/nation/2009-07-05-older-drivers_N. htm Taira, E. D. , M. Maynard, and M. J. Madigan. Assessing the driving ability of the elderly, a introductory investigation. Binghampton, New York Routledge, 1991. 215. Print. Rothe, John, Peter Cooper, and Brian De Vires. The Safety Of Elderly Drivers Yesterdays Young, Todays Traffic. Transaction Publishers, 1990. 435. Print.

Discourse Analysis Features of Context

Name Duong Hong Anh Group 06. 1. E1 Date 01/02/2010 handle Analysis Assignment 1 Text pic pic Features of context 1. Addressor a BBC diary keeper 2. Addressee the US readers 3. Audience online readers 4. Topic US to borrow shortly Haiti checkup evacuation flights 5. Setting place in a column of online BBC newsprint time February 2nd, 2010 6. Channel writing 7. Code Standard American English 8. Message-form journal article . Event BBC news 10. Key testifyative, updated 11. Purpose to inform about actions of the USA government to help Haiti and some other cogitate issues. US to resume shortly Haiti medical evacuation flights The United States allow resume within hours emergency evacuation flights for life-sustainingly injured Haitian quake victims, the White House has said. The airlifts stopped last Wednesday because of what Washington set forth as logistical issues. Doctors warned scores of people would die if the flights did not resume soon.Mean age, some of the Haitian children identified as orphans by a conclave of Americans who were taking them abroad may have p atomic number 18nts, it has emerged. Haiti imposed new controls on the bear onment of children following the 12 January earthquake that killed up to 200,000 people. Officials fear that orphans are now particularly vulner equal to(p) to being abducted and sold for adoption. Also on Sunday, the UNs World Food Programme (WFP) began a large-scale aid dispersion at 16 sites across Haitis capital, aiming to feed two million people. exclusively women will be allowed to collect the 25kg (55lb) rice ration, enough to feed a family for two weeks. On track White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement on Sunday evening Having received assurances that additional subject matter exists both here and among our international partners, we determined that we can resume these critical flights. The flights are on track to resume in the next 12 hours. Patients are being identified for transfer, doctors are making sure that it is salutary for them to fly, and we are preparing specific in-flight paediatric care aboard the aircraft where needed. Mr Vietor said the US government had worked with international partners, NGOs and US states to increase capacity to treat the Haitian patients. Hundreds of patients with spinal injuries, burns and other wounds have been flown on US host planes to America since the quake. Most of them have been treated in Florida. notwithstanding the US halted the so-called mercy flights on Wednesday. A White House spokesman told the BBC the move was due to logistical issues, not over medical costs as had been reported earlier.Last week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist warned President Barack Obamas administration that the states healthcare brass is quickly reaching saturation, especially in the area of high-level trauma care. Mr Crist also asked the federal government to activate the National catastrophe Medical System, which usually pays for vi ctims care in domestic disasters. Hungry and dehydrated On Sunday, SOS Childrens Villages international charity said at least one of the 33 Haitian youngsters whom the Americans had tried to take out of Haiti, a little girl, insisted her parents were alive. kindliness spokesman George Willeit told journalists the girl said she had believed she was being taken to a boarding schooling or summer camp. Mr Willeit also said many of the children had been found to be in poor health, hungry and dehydrated. One of the smallest just two or three months old was so dehydrated she had to be taken to hospital, he added. Haitian authorities said none of the children had documentation or confirmation they were actually parentless. Mistake The 10 Americans, who are now in police cargo hold in Port-au-Prince, said they were taking them to an orphanage in neighbouring Dominican Republic.The louvre men and five women, from Idaho-based charity New Life Childrens Refuge, were stopped while travelli ng on a bus with the children on the border with neighbouring Dominican Republic. They said the youngsters had all lost their parents in the quake. Laura Silsby, the groups leader, said the arrests were the result of a mistake. Our understanding was that we were told by a number of people, including Dominican authorities, that we would be able to bring the children across, she said. The mistake we made is that we didnt understand there was additional paperwork required. But the BBCs Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, in Port-au-Prince, says the regulations are very clear each case of child adoption must be approved by the government. Even onward the earthquake, he adds, child-smuggling was a massive problem in Haiti, with thousands of children disappearing each year. (Source http//news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/americas/8490469. stm, retrieved on Feb 2nd 2010)

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Methodology: Metro Manila and Caloocan City

This chapter presents the look design of the nurture, the typefaces and the field of the study, try method, data needed, the interrogation instrument, procedures for data gathering, procedures for data analysis and logistics, schedule and budgetary requirements. enquiry Design The study made use of descriptive Analysis in determining the attitudes of assimilator smokers to selected Caloocan City student smokers.Descriptive analysis was appropriate for the searchers study which discovered and described the attitudes of student smokers towards pot despite the SIN tax income Law and the effects of smoking towards student smokers themselves as its primary objective. Descriptive analysis was the most appropriate expressive style on obtaining these two variables. The research study made used of look into and in-depth interview as research techniques. The advantold age of having survey as research instrument was the cheapest technique.If correct sampling was achieved, the resul t of the survey would be generally accurate. Past and present culture can also be use and apply to the study. The disadvantage of having survey as research instrument was limited in scope and respondents whitethorn not write honest answers. In-depth interview was a qualitative research technique used by the researchers that allowed researchers person to person discussion. It was hire to increase insight into peoples thoughts and behaviour on the important issues.This was often unstructured and therefore permitted the interviewer to encourage the respondent to talk at length about the topic of interest groups. The advantaged of conducting an In-depth interview was the ability to choose respondents. It generated ideas in aviate studies and obtaining greater depth information on a topic of interest as a supplement to data received from other methods. trace had researchers primary instruments since the research locales of the study are respondents (student smokers) and this instr ument deeply gave researchers a deeper understanding about our respondents uses towards the study.Survey was the most appropriate way on obtaining the attitudes of respondents towards the study and the effects of the study to the respondents as well as their demographic profile. The researchers have to ask them drumheads through survey forms that range from smoking and effects of smoking, social aspects to family and friends, satisfaction value and how smoking serves them as, if something good, in their life. search InstrumentIn this study, the primary instrument that was used to determine the attitudes of smoking among the selected Caloocan City student smokers was the survey questionnaire. The questionnaire was formulated based on the related literatures and studies presented. The related literatures and studies lead the researchers about the advantages and disadvantages of smoking as well as the brand of cigaret that was used by student smokers. The respondents were provided w ith a convenient list of questions on which the respondents leave alone only encircle their answers.The questionnaire was composed of the respondents demographic profile such as their names, age, gender, civil status, and academic status. The researchers wanted to tell a let on about the number of cigarettes a student smoker smoke distributively day, the certain effects in their living, and how did smoking change their perception on education. Subjects of the Study The respondents of the study were the selected smokers in Caloocan City. This includes students ranging from 16 30 years of age in Caloocan City within the vicinity of UE Caloocan.Research Locale The researchers conducted the study in the vicinity of Caloocan City area. Caloocan City is located in the northern part of Metropolitan Manila. The city is divided into two parts the urban portion, which was bound on the north part of Malabon, on the eastmost of Quezon City, on the second of Manila and Navotas, and on the west of Manila Bay the rural portion, jump on the north by San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan, on the east and south of Quezon City, and on the west of Valenzuela.It occupies a total land area of 55. 8 square kilometres. Caloocan City is composed of 188 barangays, which are subdivided into two congressional Districts. It has been classified as a Highly Urbanized City. (Caloocan City Municipality) try out Method The proposed study made used of Simple Random and distinguish Random sampling method. Simple random method is a method of selecting a sample size from a universe such that to each one member of the population has an equal chance of being included. Data aggregation ProceduresThe major data gathering procedures, by means of conducting the survey, carried out and effected by all the researchers together as a group since the subject of the study and the research locale was within the vicinity of Caloocan City area. The questionnaires will be personally handled by the researcher s to the respondents. The researchers then directly answers any question that the respondent raised to ask regarding the survey questionnaires, then the respondents answer the questionnaires, they lift up it for immediate review, made sure that every item has been answered to avoid disable forms.In this procedure, we aimed to do it and work for it as a team, from the formulation of the question to existing conduction of the survey, and from tallying of survey results, to the interpretation and analysis of data, since these are tiring doing it by just one person, we considered not only cooperation from our team, but more of collaborationism from each and every one of us.Data Analysis Procedure After collection the questionnaires, the researchers tally the data from the respondents. They tabulate it to make it easy for the user to conk out as basis for making interpretations. The collected data to arrange in groups or classified to descriptive as basis for analysis of the results .

Mathematics and Linguistics Essay

How is Mathematics and Linguistics related with each jumper(a)? Linguistics is the science of language. Linguists seek to ascertain the proper rehearses of natural mankind language. How languages ar structured, how and why they vary and change, how they be acquired, and how people, in communicating use them. Mathematics on the other hand is the language of science. It is used to understand areas as diverse as the structure of DNA and the motions of planets.Mathematics abstracts the extreme issue at the heart of an example, frequentlyfinding connections with other, initially irrelevant problems. Language is a universal theory. Everyone uses language as a form of communication. This is the same in Mathematics. Math, the interchangeable linguistics can be lowly down into many different sub-categories such as geometry, trigonometry, algebra, etc. Algebra, organism a great example of this because, instead of using words, it uses symbols to convey an idea. Forming sentences is like forming an equation. Once the pattern is understood, a person who speaks this type of language is equal to(p) to understand.Onceone knows the pattern, it is easy to understand the overall meaning of a language without even knowing the vocabulary therefore linguistics like maths is a universal concept. In my research and study of mathematics and linguistics I discovered how important and inter-related both subject areas are to each other.Mathematical linguistics is the study of statistical structure of texts and the social structure of mathematical models of the phonological and grammatical structure of languages. Today, the fields of linguistics are used by computer scientists, engineers, and bymathematicians who are interested in the nature of language processing.To summarize,math deals a lot with patterns, as does linguistics, so judgement patterns is very important. Noam Chomsky , a notable Linguist and Philosopher once stated A linguist does not need to have deep under standing of the much complicated fields of mathematics However a good linguist, is educate enough to see a pattern in language and from there, they are able to properly study and dissect the on going patterns and changes that occurs with languages everyday.

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North Korean Authoritative Government Essay

In this paper, I give attempt to inform why absolutism regimes such as the mavin in pairingerly Korea, bland continues to govern even though the brass is one of the to a greater extent corrupted types of government still in existence today. The word despoticism is defined as, a form of government in which the normal is an despotic dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc. )(Word Net) in that respect argon currently homosexualy countries in our world that atomic number 18 not pop societies.There are authoritarian regimes that still exist today. Probably one of the more advantageously get authoritarian regimes is the government in marriage Korea. North Korea gained its independence from lacquer in the year 1945. Kim Jong Il is currently the leader of North Korea. The distraction of economics through the 1990s has made North Korea rely heavy on international aid to feed its population. North Korea has expanded their resources to bread and butter develop a military of about one million soldiers. cardinal scholarship Agency) North Koreas hanker-range missile development, as well as its nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons programs and massive conventional armed forces, are of major(ip) concern to the international community. (Central Intelligence Agency)The government in North Korea is a big part to blame for the economic struggles. In President chaparrals first State of the Union Speech he declared North Korea as part of the Axis of Evil. President Bush excessively went on to say his goal was, to prevent regimes that sponsor terror from great(p) America or our friends with weapons of mass destruction. He singled out Iraq, Iran and North Korea, claiming these tell aparts and their terrorist assort constitute an axis of evil arming to threaten the peace of the world. (Fact Sheet) The linked States must act against these regimes by denying them the materials, technology and expertise to make nuclea r, chemical and biological weapons and provide them to terrorists, Bush said. (Fact Sheet) North Korea is currently a communist-state one-person(prenominal) dictatorship. Under a communist-state one-man dictatorship choices are held but in that respect is nobody to run against the leader.For instance in September of 2003 there was an election held in North Korea. Kim Jong Il and Kim Yong Nam were the only nominees for the positions and nobody opposed them. (Central Intelligence Agency) The government controls the plenty. The government rules a contend of what the people of North Korea lot do or say. For the executive branch in this country, Kim Jong Il has been the ruler since July of 1994. Kim Yong Nam is the president of its Presidium and he also has the responsibility of representing state and receiving diplomatical credentials. Central Intelligence Agency) As for the legislative branch, the ruling party approves a list of candidates who are elected without opposition, but some(prenominal) seats are held by minor parties. (Central Intelligence Agency) The judicial branch of North Korea consists of a central court, and the judges are elected by the Supreme sights Assembly. The substance this government is set up is very contrastive than the way the democratic states are set up. In a democratic society the people get to vote for leaders and high be officials. While in these authoritarianistic regimes, the people dupe no say in who is going to run their country.There keep been many North Koreans that generate tried to escape either to China or due south Korea. a couple of(prenominal) people move over made it across the boarders safely. However, if they fail to escape and they are captured by the North Korean military they will be hurt or even executed in some cases. (Pearson Education) North Korea, one of the worlds most secretive societies, has been accused of egregious human-rights violations, including compact executions, torture, inhuma ne conditions in prison camps, which hold up to 200,000 prisoners, and denial of granting immunity of expression and movement.Access to the country is strictly limited and North Koreas domestic media is tightly controlled, making it intemperate to substantiate the accusations. (Pearson Education) I regard a huge part of why North Korea is actu whollyy still in existence is because the military has so much control on the people. Of course no country wants to start a war with North Korea because of their military strength and their nuclear weapons. A number of stabilizing elements instigate the regimes efforts to maintain internal order.The society seems united in popular support for the party, and the people have a strong smell of national pride. Kim Il Sung, by all indications, truly is admired and support by the general population. (Federal Research Division Library of Congress Pg 275) It is difficult for people that are from a democratic government to actually generalise why shogunate governments work. Most all of the monocracy governments that I know have a strong following from their people.Whether the masses desire the leader because he is helping the economy or helping a nutriment shortage situation is an some separate story. Personally I think these people in these countries are so afraid of what the leader might do to them or their family that they just do what they are told. Of course these people have never had it any other way. They dont know what it is like to have a democracy. They dont know what it is like to vocalisation their opinion. The people in North Korea didnt get to choose where they trea au whenceticd to be natural.If we had a free world Im sure when some of those people realized that there are better governments in the world that wont control your every move therefore they would leave the country. It is just not that easy for anyone to just get up and go to China or southeast Korea. People born into democratic societi es should be thankful that they can enjoy the freedoms that they have, because there are other parts of the world where the idea of having rights is completely out of their control. There is no possible way the people can over throw the government in North Korea.North Korea has too strong of a military. single way the government will get overthrown is if it is make internally. The second way it will get overthrown is if they go to war with another country and they draw back their power. Indeed, research on Korean communism has become the pursuit of an avocation, meander off the mainstream of contemporary social science. Most students of Korean communism have come under the influence, in varying degrees, of the lingering legacy of Kremlinology and the progress model of Chinese studies.Following the general lines of development in Chinese studies in the 1960s and 1970s, research on Korean communism has shown an patchy advancement. On balance, research and knowledge concerning No rth Koreas domestic political relation and economy have developed more rapidly and significantly than the written report of its foreign policy, which has remained neglected and underdeveloped. (Kim Pg282) The economy in North Korea is struggling. Due to swamp and the lack of arable land, the people in North Korea are at a food shortage. Massive amounts of international food aid have allowed people of North Korea not to starve. Central Intelligence Agency) Mal-nutrition and poor biography conditions still exist heavily in North Korea.As with everything else in the country, the government has the right to control the food and economic conditions. The religions that are respectable in this authoritarianism government are traditionally Buddhist and Confucianist, with some Christian and syncretic Chondogyo (Religion of the Heavenly Way. ) Autonomous religions activities now are near nonexistent government sponsored unearthly groups exist to provide illusion of religious freedom. (C entral Intelligence Agency) Like other authoritarianistic governments such as Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq until not to long ago, the regimes will stick out until somebody does something about it. The United States ended the authoritarianism regime in Iraq because we had enough military power to over play Sadaam Hussein. The U. S. legions are still over in Iraq trying to force the Iraqi people into having a democracy. The Iraqi people that have voted so furthermost on the new leader of their country is not a man that the United States wants to have them run their country.Sadaam Hussein would still be in power and have complete control of Iraq if the United States didnt take him out of power. The military balance in South Korea is much stronger then North Korea. In case of another North Korean invasion, the South Korean military only has about 600,000 people while the north has around one million. However these numbers are misleading because of the fact that these numbers do nt include the superior training, equipment, and logistical support that the south has. Kang Pg 262) The South has outspent the North on defense in the last 15 years, if not longer. (Kang Pg 262) North Koreas nuclear threats are a grave concern for South Korea and the rest of the world. The Soviets were building bombs in the 1950s and China developed a nuclear bomb in the first 1960s. North Korea didnt start trying to assemble nuclear weapons until South Korea became a threat to them because they were overtaking North Korea in a lot of areas during the 1970s. Kang Pg 266) North Koreas significance to the world with a bomb is much greater than without a bomb. (Kang Pg 266)In conclusion, there are many reasons why the authoritarianism regime in North Korea is still up and running to this day. There is simply no way that anyone can overthrow the government unless it is done internally. The people located in these authoritarianism regimes usually like the leader, and look into to wh at he says. These people didnt choose where they wanted to be born just like nobody in a democratic state had an opinion as to where they would like to be born.It is sad that most all of the money spent in North Korea is aimed toward building up a better military and not helping out with the economy or the food shortages. The only way these people know how to live is to be ruled by a dictator. Until the United States or some other world power takes down North Korea, the authoritarianism regime will continue to govern.

Hydro One – Essay

Hydro one helps it to analyze the insecuritys and opportunities in an integrated elan to improve the allocation of resources. It also enables it to prep are for the changing corporate governance requirements, deregulation of markets and future fortunes Like OLL spill etc. The process of ERM at Hydro one involves the identification of 50-70 business risks which are then reduced to decade most significant risks through interviews and focus groups.Voting is accomplished using the Delphi method to quickly identify and prioritize risks based on the ignited and fortune in order to focus on major risks. Five superman risk tolerance scale from Minor to worst case Is employ to estimate the Impact of a risk on the corporate objectives and basketball team point luck rating scale is usanced to estimate the prospect of the risk materializing. Each investment funds program is evaluated in terms of the salute and severity of the risk It attempts to mitigate.Capital expenditures are all ocated to the prioritize investment projects according to the sterling(prenominal) overall risk reducing per dollar spent (Bang for the buck index). overall risk score is assigned to each combination of impact and probability assessment. It is a rational and better- coordinated process for allocating capital as 1 . It improves the capital expenditure process and can help the firm take an optimal portfolio of projects. 2. It enables the firm to delegate the responsibility to manage the risk to the risk owner while making risk awareness an indispensable fragmentize of company culture. . The company credit rating given by S&P, Moody improved resulting in lower credit costs for the legion(predicate) as the company exhibited Improvements in efficiency. 4. The process takes Into account the benefits of risk reduction In a wide gamut of risk categories (regulatory, financial, reliability, safety, reputation) and assesses the qualitative impact of versatile risks also. 5. It helps the company achieve an optimum balance between business risks and returns.Thus, the ERM capital punishment process makes use of a variety of tools and techniques, including the Delphi Method, risk trends, risk maps, risk tolerances, risk refills, and risk rankings etc. It has succeeded In overcoming most of the issues as follows * The use of Delphi method facilitates open discussions and causes managers to shed their rigid views and develop a super C understanding of the risks. They are able to concur on the corporate formulate for proportioning action and the resources to manage such risks. The upkeep of devolve prudence is secured by espousing that risk management Is everyones responsibility, from the Board of Directors to individual employees. The classification of risks enables the managerial at ecstasytion to be concentrated on high risk factors. * As risks are continuously evolving and the magnitude and probability of a certain risk is touched by the Internal controls (miti gation efforts In the past) as well as the international changes In the environment. Thus, monitoring and reporting are fundamental to effective management of business risks.Hydro one engaged in extensive reviews and 1 cancelled Incorporated outside views In ten corporate rills prattle Walt ten Nell AT attaches room other sources like workshops, media scans along with structured interviews with the top 40 to 50 executives together. * Regulatory compliance is ensured through a elucidate classification of regulatory risks and potential loss of credibility. Thus, the risk based investment planning system has yielded many benefits for the firm, but as the risks faced by the firm are changing, the company continuously needs to incorporate those risks in its ERM system in order to succeed in achieving its strategy.

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Assignment: Change and Innovation Essay

In todays society companies atomic number 18 decision that it is to a greater extent demanding that they make throws in certain de eruptments or in the holy company. May managers atomic number 18 faced with the question, How do I make sure-fire win overs? A nonher issue companys face is the differance to transports by employees. How can a company reduce the apology from employees? What aim do human resources assemble in managing mixture? Change is a break down of moving forward in the company and keeping the company sure-fire in years to follow.To make successful interpolates managers, employees, and human resources need to drub together in making those varietys. In companies there are f be activeors that frame a need for change. Some changes are make from external forces, such(prenominal) as competition or updating technology. Other changes are motivated by internal forces, such as employee attitudes, new equipment, and redesigning of jobs. When implementing chan ges the psyche who implements those changes are called a change agent. A change agent can be a manager or a non-manager. Mangers make smaller, less forceful changes and are more cautious about the outcome.Non-managers tend to make larger, more drastic changes because they do not guard to deal with the repercussion of the change (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter, 2011). Once the manager or non-manager implements the changes or changes that need to take perpetrate they have to make sure that the plan is followed by employees to have the biggest find of success. When implementing the change from regular aesculapian memorialize to electronic medical record the first thing that necessitate to happen is, the change agent needs to accept the change and communicate the importance to the employees.The electronic medical records pass on be more successful if the change agent recognizes the impact on staff and adopts an open policy if one is not already in place. Committing to an open env ironment provide establish trust and open-door policies. Open-door policies cease feedback and allow for employees and change agents to give and receive feedback with less defensive approaches. Employees need to musical note comfortable when change is being implemented, providing training and allowing them to be a part of the change exercise are ship canal to facilitate them observe comfortable.Allowing employees to overhaul with the change making decisions will help them to accept the change. Employees that work with the client whitethorn also have bump insight on how to better provide for the customers. Providing the employees with training on why and how the change to electronic medical records will be implemented and making sure they know what is passing game on will help keep the employee more comfortable about the process. Letting employees know that some ruin is okay will help ease them when failure comes.Changing agents need to look at failure as a positivistic le arning experience and encouraging them to reckon the same way. Taking these steps and recognizing the employees efforts along the way can have a huge effect on if the employee feels positive about the change or not. If these practices are not implemented then employees may resist the change (Richards, 2012). Some common reasons why employees resist change are because they are afraid of the uncertainty, they may fear that the change will not work, change interrupts habit, and they may lose individualised benefits or have personal losses due to the change.If an employee is not trained or allowed to give feedback they may resist changes due to uncertainty. Employees need to be trained on the reasons for the changing to the electronic system as well as how to use the system. prep employees may ease them out of their habit of the old way and into evaluate the change and creating a new habit around this change. When a change in implemented in a company the employees resist the change due to the fear of the loss of status, money, or benefits they were getting from the old system.Employees should be told what changes will affect them personally and be allowed to give feedback on slipway to minimize loses. All changes should be expressed in positive ways to help employees deal with their fears. Open-door policies and encouraging feedback will help with minimizing employees fears and resistance to change. be proactive and allowing the employees give ideas for the change, along with supporting employees during and after the change will help resistance of employees be minimized (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter, 2011). Human Resources (HRs) also play a role in managing change.HRs can act as the change agent and overlook the whole change process. HRs can be in charge of setting a strategy, facilitating, training, and monitoring employee engagement, input and feedback. If a company does not feel that they essential HRs be in charge of the whole change then they may ask t hem to play no role at all or to evaluate the change effort once the change is complete. HRs may have a small role or a big role in the change process at a company. Many companies are starting to give HRs bigger roles and allowing them to be part of the change (APQC, 2012).Human Resources, manager, and eventide non-managers can implement change in a company. It is up to the person who is implementing the change to communicate, train, and support employees so that they feel comfortable with the change. Allowing HRs and employees to be a part of the change can help everyone feel more at ease with the change. Failure should always be a learning experience and if a change agent gives employees a positive outlook and support while making the change then resistance will be minimized.

Beggar at Damascus Gate

Yasmine Zahran was born in Ramallah, paradise. She was educated at Columbia University, and capital of the United Kingdom University. She earned a doctorate in archeology from the Sorbonne. She is the author of cardinal previous books one on ancient Palestine, Echoes of Hi business alliance, and a brisk, The First personal credit line 3. A pauperise at Damascus Gate is a story of making love, intrigue and mystery.It is quite difficult to classify it in a undivided genre. At one point it seems like a love story, at a nonher, like a spy novel, and yet at other times, it scarcely seems like a literary work of history 2.Cold and alone in a small inn, an archaeologist/professor, shelter comes across an old dust-c everywhereed canvas bag in the closet of his room. Opening this, he finds letter and journals. He hesitates at first, non wanting to go through someone elses personal journals, entirely curious, he reads them, to discover that they belong to devil lovers A Palesti nian wo domain Rayya, living in exile in France and an English man Alex. They were married to for each one other. What follows is a well crafted novel, weaved with passages from the lovers journals. Foster is fascinated, and decides to compile the journals and letters into a single manuscript, and get it published.Zahrans novel can simply be called a master piece. It is story some lovers of two contending cultures. Rayya is a deeply patriotic woman, completely devoted to her cause, of eyesight Palestine as a free and sovereign state. A toilet of the yarn is based on Rayyas determination. The book is set in the time immediately after the 1967 Arab-Israeli conflict. Palestine is under array occupation. Britain has colonised Palestine. There relationship is marred by policy-making instabilities, and stubborn study loyalties. When Rayya and Alex first come to know each other, Zahran follows a light-hearted course.Both tease each other ab tabu their backgrounds, their differen t cultures and their different heritage. But slowly and sadly, this emerges into a much deeper rebellion both begin getting suspicious close each other. Is Rayya more devoted to her homeland, or to her love? Is Alex really the man he shows himself to be 2? Suspicions begin when Rayya discovers that Alex can speak Arabic 4. She begins fearing that he could be an English spy. There relationship is painful and poignant. At times, out of national loyalty, both try to separate from each other, but emotions touch to draw them together.Rayyas suspicions eventually cause Alexs death 4. The narrative follows the eight year relationship between the two. Zahran also brings out the present-day(a) Palestinian culture and thought to life. In fact, the drink of the Palestinians is what stands out intimately in the book. Even something as strong as true love is not able to bring two volume from these two vastly different cultures together. The fate of the Palestinian sight hangs continuall y over their relationship and the story follows a tragic path of treachery and suspicion. The book shows the embodied psyche of the Palestinian people, and what the Nakba did to it 2. Palestinians were expelled from their territory, where Israel was born. The Palestinian exodus is called the Nakba, meaning disaster. Zahran cleverly intertwines snatches of the journals in the narrative, and we come across Rayyas poetry, which is very moving. Her writing is imaginelike and overflowing of feeling, A poetic, empowering portrayal of the struggle for liberation both personal and political liberation 2. Foster spends ten years looking for the couple desperately, and last-placely, is about to give up hope, till he actually finds Rayya.The tension builds up, and ultimately, Zahran brings us to an anti-climax, as life often is 2. Good does not always triump over evil, nor does love over hate. Zahran avoids using cliches 2. What she depicts is the true plight of millions displaced from th eir very homeland. The relationship between Alex and Rayya too is not a veritable(prenominal) one. Both slang their national loyalties, and will abide by them no matter what. Rayya, in particular is passionately devoted to the Palestinian cause. neer does Zahran isolate the characters from the life some them.It is indeed the life and the war around them that lead to their separation. What many critics believe is that Alex probably never truly unsounded Rayyas passion for her homeland, since he had never lived a life of oppression. He did not understand what it was like to have your home country and people under military occupation, for years. Rayya, on the other hand had been brought up in a time and region of constant political instability and military warfare. The experiences in her life had shaped her into an intensely patriotic, strong person, defending her cause, her people and her nation.Written in first person, from the mind of Foster, Zahran has built up an interesting and good-natured narrative structure that keeps the reader captivated. In fact many have found Zahrans writing almost magical, and strangely close to life. Her room is deceptively simple. It can undoubtedly be accepted that A Beggar at Damascus Gate is one of the best works of modern literature. The book is also a beautiful preservation of an emotional world relationship, and the culture and life of a daunting era. The book ends vaguely, but Zahran has make herself clear. The tragedy lies not only in Alex and Rayas alienation.It lies in the maltreat war and conflict can do. Zahran states it herself Love is a constantly changing landscape 1. Even though the lovers cannot be together by the end, Zahran does not leave the reader dejected. What Rayya and Alex shared may not have lasted, but it left its impact. For both, the relationship proved to be a journey of self-discovery the final resolution surprises them both and reveals a depth to their commitments that neither had prev iously realize 3. It also proved to be a deep experience for Foster, and resulted in his determination to find either of the two, and to get the manuscript published.What is more unrelenting is the fact that readers, even today can understand the strife of the characters Palestine is still far from free. Rayyas dream is still a dream her homeland is still not free. As Marzahn stated in her round We all need a little place to call home, a little piece of world to which we belong. The realization for some people that it is not possible to return home is one of sorrow. Reading The Beggar at Damascus Gate by Yasmin Zahran brings to the forefront that poignant struggle veneer many Palestinians.It is a book that makes one think about home, loss, and the besides cause 4. Works Cited 1. Zahra, Yasmin. A Beggar at Damascus Gate. The touch Apollo Press, ISBN 0-942996-24-0 2. Amazon Reviews, A Beggar at Damascus Gate, retrieved from http//www. amazon. com/Beggar-at-Damascus-Gate/dp/094 2996240 3. Swensen, scratch and Cooke, Miriam, A Beggar at Damascus Gate (short review), retrieved from http//www. postapollopress. com/A_Beggar. html 4. Marzahn, Michelle A. A Beggar at Damascus Gate A War in the midst of Emotions and Politics, Book review from Al Jadid, Vol. 2, No. 7, May 1996

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The Most Critical Talents a Teacher Must Possess :: Patience Creativity Adaptability Teaching Essays

The around Critical Talents a Teacher Must PossessA.) In my opinion, the three most captious talents a teacher must(prenominal) possess be patience, creativity, and adaptability. Through the historic period I retain grown to understand the saying, Patience is a virtue. I feel it is a gift to have the patience to work with a large group of children, whose needs and abilities range at different levels. Everyone becomes scotch during his/her profession, but a teacher must have the ability to secrete those frustrations so the happiness of every child will be ensured.Most people associate creativity directly to artists and musicians because of their natural born talent. not all teachers can draw or sing, however their minds argon creative. Teachers ar given a curriculum full of skills and concepts that their students must master by years end. Therefore, it is the responsibility of an educator to engage the children in as many exciting and fun learning experiences as their im aginations can foster. Adaptability, the power to falsify easily to fit different conditions, is a critical talent that a teacher must possess in the classroom. If a lesson is unsuccessful and the students atomic number 18 confused on the skill that is being stressed, a teacher must adapt to the learning situation. By changing his/her approach to the material, students become enabled to make better comprehend what is being taught. As a first year teacher, I feel I possess all three of these critical talents.B.) though my experiences in the classroom are limited to my first year belief and student teaching, I have always contemplated how I would use engineering as a source of learning. My plan is to incorporate the use of technology through learning centers, since they will be a vital start of my classroom. A computer station will provide students exposure to programs that are age appropriate. These programs will focus on areas of mathematics and reading, both of which are crucial to a childs education. Some programs I have implemented are Reader Rabbits Kindergarten, Dr. Seuss Kindergarten, and Math Circus. A earshot center adds a real-life dimension to the stories because they make the books come animate for children. During my kindergarten practicum I incorporated a listening area that contained a listening post with headphones, a tape recorder, and sometimes a compact platter player. The area also contained tapes of books and the actual stories to which the students listened.

E.E. Cummings :: essays papers

E.E. Cummings is characteristically American. He is a famous, well cognize American author. I found that his writing style is of a conventional American. What is it to be stereotypically American? Well I found that cardinal of the primary(prenominal) topics is that you can say or write any(prenominal) you want and not feel threatened about if what your saying is the right thing or not. Also a lot of Americans will use sarcasm. Also you codt obligate to come right out and say whatever you mean. Some will talk about something completely different thus what they are really trying to say. Cummings used a goodish amount of sarcasm in his writing. He sort of made manoeuvre of things in his poems without coming out and saying it. He also doesnt just come right out and say what he means. I havent been able to figure out many of his poems at all. The things he says just makes no sense at all. Even after analyzing his work I havent been able to understand what he means. I thi nk that is one thing that most Americans do in one way or another. Cummings also wrote a spectacular amount of poems that probably would have offended people in one way or another. But freedom of words is one thing that all Americans have. We can say whatever we want and not have to answer to anyone about it. If we were in another country that freedom of speech isnt allowed he possibly could have been thr aver in dispose for some of his writings. He was known for his lack of correct punctuation and capitalization in his writings. Very often he would write his name as e.e. cummings, not even capitalizing his own name. He basically had his own style of writing things even though they were not written correctly. He never followed any of the rules which might have been one of the reasons he was so remembered. He was born in Cambridge Massachusetts. He grew up there and worked at a mail-order publishing company for a short time. He persistent to volunteer for the Norton-Harjes Ambulance group in France. He was imprisoned for three months in a French Detention camp. While being there