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The Success Of Michael Crichtons Novels In The Media Industry :: essays research papers

The Success of Michael Crichtons Novels in the Media Industry      1 only has to look at the astonishing opening weekend of paramountPictures action adventure thriller Congo which was universally panned bycritics, to be reminded of the agent of the person who created the underlyingmaterial Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton. The films wham $24.6 meg opening, which shocked insiders, underscored the value to Hollywood ofan exclusive club of popular writers (Eller 3).     Michael Chrichtons novels all have their similarities. He seems tofollow a pattern which is work very well for him. He picks a hot-buttonsubject and uses it to lend his novels a glossy veneer of steericality. He castshis novels with some really detestable villains so attentive readers pull up stakesautomatically know who to root for. He ends each(prenominal) chapter on a scary, cliff-hanging note to make sure that readers will keep reading, regardless of thecharacters vapidity. He includes numerous frantic chase scenes or race-against-the-clock scenes that will translate graphically onto the screen. He puts plenty oftechnical, pseudo-specialist parley into his characters mouths to give readersthe illusion that theyre learning something as they quickly flip the pages(Kakutui 3).     Michael Crichton has unimpeachably made a boom in the entertainmentindustry. Whether it is his top grossing movies or his top rated televisionshows like E.R. which took a leading twenty prime-time Emmy nominations stand upyear including best drama (Carter 23).     Crichtons latest movie Congo, which had a smashing opening weekend, wasone of his successes. This movie was based on a discussion that Crichton wrote in theearly 80s, long before he became the entertainment power station that he is now.Chrichtons novels seem to be written for big screen translations (Brom 14).Publishers swan that they cant recall a time since J aws and The Exorcist, twodecades ago, when movies gave such a bring up to the books that inspired them(Romney 5). Michael Chrichton indefinitely tops this long list of authors.     Crichtons novels cover many subjects such as genetic engineering inJurassic Park, intimate harassment in Disclosure, or Japans threat to America in ascending Sun (Denby 12). I think that it is this wide variety of subject themethat keeps his readers coming back for more.     Crichtons biggest success by far was the novel Jurassic Park. Thisbook made a sales record in both the novel and on the screen (Turan 11). Itended up grossing over $913 million total in ticket sales and holds theprivilege of being the top selling live action movie ever on stem video (WallStreet Journal B5). It was such a success that its director, Steven Spielberg,

A Canticle for Leibowitz and Starship Troopers: The Movie Essay

A Canticle for Leibowitz and spaceship Troopers The MovieIn this paper I signify to explore the attitudes toward the evaluate of individual life vs. the value of a community of fills as a whole expressed in A Canticle for Leibowitz and spaceship Troopers the Movie by analyzing their give-and-take of information control, euthanasia, and the idea of obtaining happiness through with(predicate) a guts of purpose. starship Troopers may be a banter of a fascistic state or an apology for fascist political orientation or neither (I dont pretend to know which). In any case, it is a depiction of a possible state of personal business that could theoreticall(a)y tog up out of a futuristic fascist regime. The political orientation advocated by this state, and for the nearly part by its subjects, is one that treats the state as something greater than the correspond of its part, as a benevolent machine that exit take c ar of the spate as long as the people atomic number 18 unforce d to sacrifice as much(prenominal) of themselves as prerequisite to keep it oiled. A Canticle for Leibowitz, at least from the perspective of the monks (again, this is not of necessity that of the author), takes a much more individual approach to pursuing the parking lot good. In different words, it treats the community, or species, as exactly the sum of its parts people are encouraged to further the common good by furthering their own good. communicate is a result of individual motivation preferably than of a authorization of the state.One way the dissimilarity between these 2 ideologies manifests itself is in the treatment of the control of information. In starship Troopers, since everything is controlled by the government, so are all channels of information. In the movie, we see an unidentified roll (presumably that of the common citizen) happily clicking on the government-controlled... ...ach relies on a different method of human motivation. Starship Troopers relie s on an individuals submission to the mold of the state and willingness to impart about himself in terms of his own point in raise of a collective identity. A Canticle for Leibowitz supposes that people are best propel as individuals that is, allowing people to act and exist as individuals increases their investment and interest in their own excerption, which in turn increases that of the survival of the species. It also supposes that individuals flowerpot be trusted as such, without a autocratic system. Maybe this difference is why we are so upset when the foremost main suit in A Canticle for Leibowitz dies (after we spend about a hundred and sevensome pages becoming attached to him), but the characters in Starship Troopers are so flat and predictable that we really dont apportion when they die. A Canticle for Leibowitz and Starship Troopers The Movie EssayA Canticle for Leibowitz and Starship Troopers The MovieIn this paper I intend to explore the attit udes toward the value of individual life vs. the value of a community as a whole expressed in A Canticle for Leibowitz and Starship Troopers the Movie by analyzing their treatment of information control, euthanasia, and the idea of obtaining happiness through a sense of purpose.Starship Troopers may be a satire of a fascist state or an apology for fascist ideology or neither (I dont pretend to know which). In any case, it is a depiction of a possible state of affairs that could theoretically arise out of a futuristic fascist regime. The ideology advocated by this state, and for the most part by its subjects, is one that treats the state as something greater than the sum of its parts, as a benevolent machine that will take care of the people as long as the people are willing to sacrifice as much of themselves as necessary to keep it oiled. A Canticle for Leibowitz, at least from the perspective of the monks (again, this is not necessarily that of the author), takes a much more indivi dual approach to pursuing the common good. In other words, it treats the community, or species, as exactly the sum of its parts people are encouraged to further the common good by furthering their own good. Progress is a result of individual motivation rather than of a mandate of the state.One way the difference between these two ideologies manifests itself is in the treatment of the control of information. In Starship Troopers, since everything is controlled by the government, so are all channels of information. In the movie, we see an unidentified hand (presumably that of the common citizen) happily clicking on the government-controlled... ...ach relies on a different method of human motivation. Starship Troopers relies on an individuals submission to the rule of the state and willingness to forget about himself in terms of his own psyche in favor of a collective identity. A Canticle for Leibowitz supposes that people are best motivated as individuals that is, allowing people to act and exist as individuals increases their investment and interest in their own survival, which in turn increases that of the survival of the species. It also supposes that individuals can be trusted as such, without a controlling system. Maybe this difference is why we are so upset when the first main character in A Canticle for Leibowitz dies (after we spend about a hundred and seven pages becoming attached to him), but the characters in Starship Troopers are so flat and predictable that we really dont care when they die.

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Ethical aspects of Social Media Marketing

This essay will focus on the topic Critically evaluating the honorable aspects of brotherly media merchandising in the United States and the principal question assessed passim this writing will be Have genial media selling acted honest or not? According to Nielson Report (2013, p. 3), societal media merchandise typically refers to two practices involving social media- the use free tools and paid media.According to Gaski (1999 cited Smith 2000, p8), merchandising ethics is defined as standards of conduct and moral judgements applied to market. In relation to social media, these ethics guide the operations of marketing on social media plat prepares such(prenominal) as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube (Eagle, 2009). With the quick growth and adoption of social media, the honorable concerns on social media has as well as signifi dejectiontly increased. (Mutula, 2012).The condition foster examines the following categories 1. 1 favorable Media Research According to Smith, (2001) , -be truthful, protect privacy, dont model inappropriate behaviour, dont be offensive, be fair and balanced, avert stereotyping and protect children are the seven basic ethical standards for marketing, which are applicable to the present social media marketing. However, all businesses has a legal responsibility to stick with with the legislation of their outlandish.In the United States it is the Federal handle Commission which regulates publicizing and marketing laws in the country. (Smith, 2001 Federal Trade Commission, 2013) Social media question is the initial demonstrate of marketing a technique or an approach utilise by the marketers to conduct market research on social media plat numbers. The foremost emergence that has commenced is the ethical aspect of using social media for market research purposes the garner of data and conducting research on consumers and competitors. (Patino et. al).In addition, it is the fundamental responsibility of marketers to protect cons umer individualised data by ensuring that the data is only used for research purposes and makes trustworthy that they adhere to the social network guidelines and regulations of the order. (Mareck M, 2011) However, companies violate these rules and steal customer tuition without their consent for research and marketing activities, which is unethical and against the FTC turn of events.Evidently, it was reported by the FTC, in May 2011, 32 legal actions were taken againstorganisations that have failed to maintain certificate for consumer sensitive data thus breached consumers privacy rights. For example, in February 2013, a social networking app generated by Path. Inc. , acquired consumer personal information without their consent and settled FTC charges for infringing Consumer Privacy Act also in the meantime the same association was charged for violating the Childrens Online Privacy aegis Act, from approximately 3000 children personal information was collected without acquiri ng parents consent which was claimed to be highly unethical.(Federal Trade Commission 2013).Moreover, social media has aided companies to monitor their employees on social networks. Many reports and cases have been lodged against those companies for unethical practices, by involuntarily retrieving personal information of employees. Such cases involve companies use specialise softwares or access employees user name and password of Facebook and Twitter accounts, to characteristic tweets and posts of what employees post on social networks.As a result, in regard to the newly imposed social media privacy legislation, companies were seized to make settlements on the charges of violating Employee Privacy Protection Act. (Eaglesham, J. and Rothfeld, M. , 2013) Furthermore, social media marketing has become a major threat to the competitors since the abide of social media, and with the aid of market research it has become a rationalize for disfigurements to practice unethical and unla wful activities such as creating invent accounts, fake endorsements, fake blogs, fake community groups and tarnishing competitors blade reputation on social platforms.(Ray, 2011)1. 2 Viral Marketing and advertise Viral marketing is the bed covering of information between users on social media and it has become the defining marketing trend techniques used to promote company product/ service and brand name on social media. For example, viral campaigns are marketing techniques wide used to spread the Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) and it sens be in the form of viral videos via Youtube, Facebook statuses/posts, or blogs on social media.Thus, viral campaigns build sense and promotes the company product and image on social media. (Fergusan. R, 2008) For example, ASDA has effectively used this strategy for their promotional campaigns, like the Christmas doesnt just happen by magic Video 2012 which went viral on Youtube. However, viral marketing scum bag be an adverse affect to the company and unethical too.For example, Celeb Boutique sight of implementing the viral marketing technique of trending hash tag on Twitter, quite of a overbearing brand recognition it caused a negative impact to the company brand image and was humiliated virally. (Smeets, 2013) In terms of ethics, such cases include companies that attack other companies indirectly, being dis honest unprofessional and dis regardful on their campaigns.For example As reported by The Economic Times, in April 2012, Nokia launched an aggressive viral campaign against Samsung, comparing its Lumia smart rally with Samsungs intentionally emphasizing that Nokia phones are invincible and fag end electrical shock away other smart phones, this campaign was highly unethical and against the FTC Advertising and Marketing Act of being dishonest and deceptive to stakeholders such as competitors (Mukherjee, W, 2012) According to FTC (2013), All businesses have a legal responsibility to examine that advertising is truthful and not deceptive.Advertising shouldnt target on vulnerable audiences such as children and should comply with the FTC standards regarding children privacy issues.For example Kelloggs company made false claims on social networks that its Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal grass benefits children and improves their immunity, this was done by giving false evidence that the attentiveness of children can be improved by 20 percent clinically, this advertisement was unethical as it infringed the standards of FTC (Federal Trade Commission, 2013) Furthermore, it was alleged that companies pay celebrities millions of dollars to advertise and promote their brand on Social networks.Recently, Snickers was suspected in promoting their brand on Twitter in the form of tweets through prominent celebrities such as Rio Ferdinand and Katie Price in 2012. As a result, the Fair Trade officers advised celebrities that advertisements that doesnt reveal as a promotion or an endorsement is a deceptive advertising and warned Snickers, it is against the FTC standards. However, the complaints accusing Snickers for deceptive advertising were forwarded to the Advertising Standards Authority to take further investigations on this unethical behavior.(Barnett, 2012 Federal Trade Commission, 2013)1. 3 appointee physical cultivate Social media enables companies to interact with customers more directly than any other forms. Engagement process is one of the major ethical challenge for companies as it involves the process of directly engaging with customers on social networks and has become a commonalty practice for companies. Social media is used by employees on behalf of the company and it can endanger the company reputation via social media by using it unethically.Even though, difference of opinion process is an important component for marketing and public relations it can still be treacherous if used unethically. (Institute of Business Ethics, 2011) In a survey carried out by the Ethics Resource Centre, 45percent of U. S employees witnessed mishandle at work in which 65percent from those reported to be immoral behaviour, in consequence was alleged for violating the workplace ethics law. The study reveals that social media appears to be a major contributor to this issue.(Ethics Resource Centre, 2011)In March 2010, Nestle Facebook sports cull out page was hovered with negative remarks from its fans after the palm oil campaign, in response, the employee who controls the fan page posted offensive comments which violated the company policies hence, led to detrimental forwarding and boycott activities from the public. (The Guardian, 2011) In 2012, many big brands faced sobering catastrophes on social networks. Such circumstances follows when McDonald tried to promote its brand via Twitter using hashtags, unfortunately the customers on Twitter posted untoward comments of consuming McDonalds food.Other examples such as the American Apparel and The fault faced a colossal de structive responses from its customers for posting disapproving ads at the time of Hurricane Sandy. (Anon, 2012) 1. 4 Ethical Social Media Marketing Vs. Unethical Social Media Marketing Conversely, a survey carried out by the IBE reveals, businesses that operate ethically on social media is significantly greater than the proportion of businesses that operate unethically.The above pie chart illustrates that 48 percent of the respondents say that businesses operate very/ moderately ethically. (Institute of Business Ethics, 2012) Nevertheless, IBE survey found that it was a decline from 58 percent to 48 percent of views that assumes businesses operate very/fairly ethical on social media. Therefore, the change in the percentage from 2011 to 2012 ascertains that the negative impressions on ethical business behavior have increased radically. (Institute of Business Ethics, 2012) ConclusionSocial media marketing has domineering and negative effects the importance for social media has incr eased tremendously callable to the immense benefits such as the increase in awareness, promotion, engagement and research if social media is used unethically, may lead to lead to bad publicity and tarnish the company reputation. The varied arguments evidences of statistics and cases from different organisations strongly condemns that social media marketing is unethical the unethical use of social media practiced by businesses outweighs the ethical use of social media marketing.All in all, the author finds social media marketing unethical hence, may create a huge impact on the company and brand image negatively. However, if social media is properly used, it will result positive outcomes for the brand if misused, the consequence will be a social abuse. Therefore, the author suggests to use social media vigilantly and consider the business ethics standards of their country before taking further steps

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Sordaria Lab

Effects of go aftering everyplace in Sordaria fimicola Abstract cozy duplicate in existences is a cause for genetical strain. This can be guessn through with(predicate) the process of light reflex in Sordaria fimicola because of the effectuate of pass everyplace everywhere and independent assortment that oerstep in myosis I. Before playing this tasteation we hypothesized that we would be able to see that crossing everywhere did indeed occur in the S. fimicola. We tested our hypothesis by growing our witness culture and observing it under a microscope. By counting and transcription the signs of asci we were able to find that our hypothesis had been correct.This has without delay led us to crawl in that inner reproduction causes an increase in genetic variation in organisms such as, Sordaria fimicola. Introduction Organisms reproduce in ii ways asexu in ally and sexually. Sexual reproduction can be defined as the reproduction involving the union of gametes or when genetic material from dickens parents combine to establish yield (Cyr). Offspring produced from sexual reproduction have a curious genetic make-up, which can both be beneficial or iconoclastic to them (Saleem). Close to all known organisms use this kind of reproduction during virtually moment in their lifetime.If this is true, however, why is not every species seemingly genetically identical? To answer this, one must observe the chromosome behavior during the sexual reproduction life rhythm method also known as meiosis. miosis is the process of cell division in which gametes are produced. It results in four haploid (IN) cells from two diploid (2N) cells (Cyr). In meiosis I, crossing over and independent assortment of the chromosomes occur. These two processes increase the genetic variation at bottom the cell either benefiting or hurting the cells powerfulness to adapt ( infixed selection).after these two events have occurred, the chromosomes go forth then proceed t hrough all four stages and produce two daughter cells (Cyr). In meiosis II, the two daughter cells distributively again proceed through all four stages and produce a final four distinctly several(predicate) daughter cells (Cyr). Sordaria fimicola allows us to see observe the process of meiosis. This is because its life calendar method is rapid and allows scientists to observe many generations in a short criterion of time (Meiosis). Also, the size of S. fimicola makes it easily viewable under a microscope.Experiments with phylogeny Canyon have shown exactly how S. fimicola is a representative organism for crossing over. ontogeny Canyon represents the whole idea of diverse locations in Israel containing two mountain angles expose to vastly different climatic conditions that converge with a valley between them (Meiosis). In each of these cases, one slope has been exposed to harsh conditions while the other has been exposed to temperate conditions (Saleem). Because each slope u ndergoes different conditions, we can observe how genetic variation is affects the S. imicola that live on each slope. Scientists gathered samples of the organism living on both slopes and examine the differences in crossing over and the differences in crossing over frequencies. The mathematical function of our lab is to observe the different cross over frequencies. We want to equalise and contrast the crossover frequencies in different color strains of S. fimicola. We hypothesize that in this experiment we will observe crossing over occur in the Sordaria fimicola after two weeks of growth in the agar plates.To test our hypothesis, we will grow our own asci spores in an agar plate and observe the organism under the microscope while recording the different ascus shells which can either be shell A (44), type B (242), or type c (2222). Materials and Methods From the Meiosis and Genetic assortment in Sordaria handout, we found the materials and procedure for this experiment. Equip ment that we needed to perform the first part of this experiment were two agar plates, a marking pen, a scalpel, and two different color strands of S. imicola. The first step in this lab was to mark two separate agar plates with the marking pen in such a way as to create four separate quadrants on each agar plate. Second, each plate needed to be labeled, identifying it as either the plate with suntan fungi or gray fungi. Next, using the scalpel, a small piece of the samples of S. fimicola had to be sliced and placed in the synonymous spots in the agar plates. The plates then were taped and allowed two weeks to grow. After two weeks, the samples had flourished.We first scooped up small portions of each of our samples and put them on a slide with a drop of water, creating squashes, to be viewed under the microscope. When regard under the microscope, each of the four group members counted and recorded their own xx asci. While recording, each member categorized whether the asci they found had represented type A, type B, or type C recombination type. Last, when each member had bring home the bacon their individual info, we combined our data to create a total data for our entire group. Then we proceeded to combine our data to find a partitioning and a course total.Results Four separate sectors analyzed the data of this experiment, the individual, the group, the class, and the section. The results were as follows Cross Over oftenness Percent of Cross Over = (Number of Recombinant Asci / integrality Number of Asci ) X speed of light% Individual Cross Over Frequency = 12/20 X 100% = 60% (gray) combine free radical Cross Over Frequency = 24/40 X 100% = 60% (gray) feature Group Cross Over Frequency = 28/40 X 100% = 70% (tan) unite member Cross Over Frequency = 128/220 X 100% = 58% (gray) have Section Cross Over Frequency = 163/260 X 100% = 62. % (tan) Combined course Cross Over Frequency = 4054/7066 X 100% = 57% (gray) Combined Course Cross Over Frequency = 8277/13946 X 100% = 59% (tan) After examining the cross over frequencies of the four sectors of data, we can see that for both the gray and tan spores an average of 60% were recombinant. This means that on average, 60% of the time S. fimicola will cross over resulting in spores of type B (242) or type C (2222) typify Distances Map Distance from Cross Over = Percent Cross Over / 2 Individual Map Distance = 60%/2 = 30 mu (gray) Combined Group Map Distance = 60%/2 = 30 mu (gray) Combined Group Map Distance = 70%/2 = 35 mu (tan)Combined Section Map Distance = 58%/2 = 29 mu (gray) Combined Section Map Distance = 62. 6%/2 = 31. 3 mu (tan) Combined Course Map Distance = 57%/2 = 28. 5 mu (gray) Combined Course Map Distance = 59%/2 = 29. 5 mu (tan) Again, the social occasion distances for both the gray and tan spores averaged about 30 mu. This means that on average there were 30 units between the cross over and the centromere of the chromosome. The fact that all of the map distances ar e around the same way out also helps to represent the accuracy in our results. Discussion After annotation of the Sordaria fimicola, we were able to depict the different types of crossing over.This supports our hypothesis crossing over did occur in the S. fimicola. Because we were able to see that crossing over did occur and examine the three different cross over types, we can now say that sexual reproduction attributes to increases in genetic variation. We can see this by the 60% cross over frequence of the recombinant (type B and type C) spores in both the gray and tan strands. This example of the process of meiosis shows us that independent assortment and crossing over attributes to the variety of offspring that are produced in Sordaria fimicola.This orotund variety leads us to know cancel selection plays a large role in the life cycle of fungus and especially S. fimicola. Our experiment showed baseline data under the same conditions as Evolution Canyon. While Evolution Cany on showed the effects of cross over frequency as the two spore strands adapted to their different environmental conditions, our experiment showed the cross over frequency of S. fimicola under normal conditions. This baseline allowed for the equation of the strand types that had become adapted to their different environmental conditions on Evolution Canyon. Errors that could have occurred during this experiment were the recounting of asci. There may have been issue of certain asci strands. The experiment, however, is even-tempered reliable due to the large number of spores counted. This large number of 7066 gray spores and 13946 tan spores allowed for a reliable average to still be found. Future experiments may find this information useful because it gives acuteness into the how often crossing over occurs and indeed at what rate genetic variation is happening. By knowing more about genetic variation rate, we can learn more about evolution and how that effects natural selection.E xperimenters could use this information to compare the rate of genetic variation to the effects it has on natural selection. References Cyr, R. 2002. Heredity and the Life Cycle. In, Biology 110 sanctioned concepts and biodiverity course website. Department of Biology, The Pennsylvania read University. http//www. bio. psu. edu/ Meiosis and Genetic Diversity in the Model Organism, Sordaria. Written by Hass, C. and Ward, A. 2010. Department of Biology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. Saleem, Muhammad. 2001.Inherited Differences in Crossing Over and Gene Conversion Frequencies Between maddened Strains of Sordaria fimicola From Evolution Canyon. University of Haifa, Israel. Figures and dodges knock back I. Individual entropy Non-recombinant Recombinant Recombinant numerate of Asci Total Recombinant Asci (B +C) of face A Asci of typecast B Asci of Type C Asci 8(gray) 7(gray) 5(gray) 20(gray) 12(gray) This represents the 20 asci counted individually . Of these twenty, twelve were recombinant essence crossing over took place. The other were not recombinant and therefore crossing over did not occur.The crossover frequency was 60%. Table II. Combined Lab Group Data Non-recombinant Recombinant Recombinant Total of Asci Total of Recombinant Asci (B+C) of Type A Asci of Type B Asci of Type C Asci 16(gray) 15(gray) 9(gray) 40 (gray) 24(gray) 12(tan) 13(tan) 15(tan) 40 (tan) 28(tan) This represents the spores counted for our entire group of four people. Of the 40 gray spores counted, 24 were recombinant meaning crossing over took place while 16 were non-recombinant. The crossover frequency for the gray spores was 60%. Of the 40 tan spores counted, 28 were recombinant while 12 were non-recombinant.The crossover frequency was 70%. Table III. Combined Section Data Non-recombinant Recombinant Recombinant Total of Asci Total of Recombinant Asci (B+C) of Type A Asci of Type B Asci of Type C Asci Gray Spore 92 67 61 220 128 Ta n Spore 95 72 91 260 163 This represents the spores counted by the entire class. Of the 220 gray spores counted, 128 were recombinant and crossing over took place while 92 were non-recombinant. The crossover frequency was 58%. Of the 260 tan spores counted, 163 were recombinant while 95 were non-recombinant.The cross over frequency was 62. 6%. Table IV. Combined Course Data Non-recombinant Recombinant Recombinant Total of Asci Total of Recombinant Asci (B+C) of Type A Asci of Type B Asci of Type C Asci Gray Spore 3012 2081 1973 7066 4054 Tan Spore 5669 4301 3976 13946 8277 This represents the spores counted by the entire section. Of the 7066 gray spores, 4054 were recombinant while 3012 were non-recombinant. The cross over frequency was 57%. Of the 13946 tan spores, 8277 were recombinant and 5669 were non-recombinant. The cross over frequency was 59%.

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Economics and Large Office Parks

Dalman and Lei need to recognize what their weaknesses, strong points, opportunities, and threats be if they are going to commit to a large-scale expansion of their line. By doing this it provide allow them to focus on the things that need work on, and what bath assume things that are working better. This will ensure that their argumentation will be successful. The weaknesses are, issues and problems managers might not fully understand. With the economic downfall they are inefficient to have businesses set up at locations that have been known to be good profitable sites, such as large office parks.The strength of the business would be that they know and understand how to run a business effectively. They have a well-known establishment with high quality brands that their customers like. With the businesses they already have, there is a constant cash flow to help get cracking new ones. If they make a few ingredients privately owned by Sandwich Blitz it will insure that no one else can duplicate it. Dalman and Lei finding a perfect location to fatten their business would be a great opportunity for them. If they could upgrade their catamenia businesses this would be a good opportunity also.If/ when they build the new business they can make sure that the equipment is up to date. This will allow for more(prenominal) productive and faster service. With more updated equipment it will allow the opportunity to hang more customers. There are many threats that their business will submit especially if they expand the business. They could have problems with hiring enough qualified personal. They could choose the ill-timed location. Having businesses that are offering similar products to Sandwich Blitz that are spring or may be opening if the future.

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Carolyn Kizer’s Bitch: Closing the Doors on the Past Essay

The poesy sh step up out by Carolyn Kizer, published in 1984, is one that truly grasps the readers attention, beginning with the title itself. The overall tone of this poem intertwines the find outings of sadness and anger and also reveals quite a bit more or less the loud utterers past. The utterer is referring to her inner self as the screech and her excruciation condition is doly present throughout the poem. She uses words much(prenominal) as speak, growling, slobbers and whimper to drive this meaning across to the reader.It is in the utterers own representation of her inner self as a kicking, one that non hardly barks hysterically, but also may whimper, and until now cringe. The speaker is easily inclined to remember past memories from the affinity and assays with revealing her inner emotions and putting on a calm outer appearance. This is an experience which is quite familiar to me, as a reader. I am often faced with the choice of being a bitch to mortal (ex -boyfriend, annoying relative, a backstabbing friend etc) and showing how I truly feel or being a controlled and relaxed young wo opus.Kizer uses the imagery of a computer-aided design throughout the poem to show the speakers different emotions. Bitch begins by describing an encounter between the speaker and an ex-lover. Lines 1 and 2 (Now, when he and I meet growling) reveal that these two have not kept in cont round over the years. Although the speaker feels hurt and gaga about the past, she tells herself to control her emotions. She is fghting with herself to not let her true feelings show. Should she scream out in anger or break down in weeping to express her hurt state? Or should she stay quiet and swear her calm nature?There is obviously tension present in these first few lines. At this point in the poem, the reader does not know ow or why this relationship ended, but the break-up clearly hurt the bitch more than it hurt her lover. The speaker dis conform tos an outward ap pearance of philanthropy and self-control, while she is really growing more and more furious at bottom (lines 5 and 6). My voice says, Nice to see you, as the bitch starts to bark hysterically). In line 7 (He isnt an antagonist now) the speaker is telling herself that she should not be dwelling on the past because her ex cant hurt her anymore.The bitch seems to be doing lovely in controlling her emotions until line 9 when her ex-lover asks her *dow be the children? They must be growing up. An immediate change of tone occurs here. There is an internal struggle going on between her heart and her headspring. The speakers mind is telling her to be polite to her ex, forget the past and move on. The bitchs heart, on the former(a) hand, is keeping her from moving on and causation her to struggle with feelings of desire. This is clear, for example, in lines 10-13 Ata kind word from himDown, girl Keep your distance. The speaker knows that if she up getting hurt. Kind words and gestu res can often be deceiving and I have learned that unfortunately charming people are dangerous. I have been hurt numerous times y such personalities by only looking at their kind side and ignoring other flaws. The bitch is warning herself to not get caught up in this lying in cargo deck of feelings again. Quite a bit of information about the past is receptive in (lines 17-21) She is basically loyal Until he was ready to play. This means that the speaker was always loyal and kind to her lover, but he was bored with her and clam up thought that she was not good enough. The imagery here is being compared to the relationship between an owner and his loving and loyal dog. Some words that try this relationship are running, lay at his feet, and ready to play. A bitch is always ready to do what one wants and it is clear that this was the sort of relationship that the speaker and her lover had. If he wanted her to wait for just aboutthing, she was willing to wait.If he needed someth ing, she would get it for him. If she was given an order, she would immediately act upon it. The image of an obedient dog comes to mind while reading these remainder stanzas. Although the speaker is struggling with feelings of anger and repression, she still desires reconciliation. Her emotions are running loco with memories of her past, but she knows she cant express them. She wants to be the bigger person in this uncomfortable situation because she knows she will end up getting hurt again if she barks or whimpers.In the final lines of the poem, from lines 28 to 34, the speaker reveals her final thoughts and emotions of the past and, especially, for this man, whom she cared for. The speaker seems to have given up her in the buff feelings for him. As she reveals these aspects, she also gives the readers and the bitch, or at least the woman that she was, some information on this man she has been speaking to. The readers learn that the unidentified man has perhaps remarried? (Line 31) Since he bitch sees that he has moved on with his life, she knows that it is only right that she does as well.

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Notes on Religion

Cremation is more important than burial in which religion? a. Buddhism b. chrlstlanltyc. Hinduism d. Islamoc 2 The dominant branch of Islam is a. Druze b. Eastern Orthodox c. Shiited. Sunni00 3. From the Russian Revolution to the tall(a) ot the communist government, what was the policy of the government towards religion? all churches were closed b, the superannuated church was replaced by Eastern Orthodoxc. churches remained open but played a limited role d. youth were encouraged to attend so that the could be Indoctrinated Into 4.Animists believe that a, people should complete Gods creation of the Earthb. Inanimate objects and atural events have strong drink c. people should make complete use of the Earths resources natural disasters are preventableO7 5, The worlds largest pagan religion is a. Buddhism b. Christianityc. Hinduism d. IslamC0 The worlds largest universalizing religion Is a, Buddhismb. Christianity c. Hinduism d, IslamC? 7. Which is not an ethnic Asian religion? a. B uddhism b. Confucianism c. Shintoism d. DaolsmLL 8.Lutheranism Is an typeface of a Christian branchb_ denomination c. religion d. sectnn 9. What policy did the British espouse in India? a. they divided India into two countries they forced all of the Hindus to migrate c. hey sour the problem over to the united Nationsd. they encouraged the abolishment ot the class system00 10. reverence in Hinduism is most likely to take place a, In a holy shrine b. as part ofa pilgrimagec. at home d. In a pa perfectionaClD 11, The belief in the existence of only one god is a. anlmlsm b. osmogonyc. monotheism d. solstlceoc 12 Roman Catholics are clustered In the LJ_S_ southwest earlier because of migration ofa. Roman Catholics from Latin America b. Roman Catholics from the northeast U. S. c. Roman Catholics trom Ireland d. Protestants to the northCC 13. Hinduisms caste systema_ assigns everyone to a distinct class decrees the ilgrimages which should be taken c. is a transform for the lack of a holy book d. identifies a familys important deities0C 14. A universalizing religion a.Is based on the physical characterlstlcs of a particular berth on Earthb. appeals to people backing In a wide transition of locations c. Is rarely transmitted through missionaries d. is intentionally developed to be a world religion0L 15 What Is the holiest book In Hinduism? a. the Bible b. the Old will c. the Qurand. none of the above?0 16. The goal of the majority ot people living in Northern Ireland is toa. remain part ot the United Ireland d. Join the Irish Republican Army00

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Cash Flows and Financial Statements at Sunset Boards

gold FLOWS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AT SUNSET BOARDS Below atomic number 18 the financial teachings that you are asked to prepare. 1. The income statement for each year will look like this Income statement 2008 2009 Sales $247,259 $301,392 Cost of goods sold 126,038 159,143 Selling & administrative 24,787 32,352 disparagement 35,581 40,217 EBIT $60,853 $69,680 Interest 7,735 8,866 EBT $53,118 $60,814 Taxes 10,624 12,163 Net income $42,494 $48,651 Dividends $21,247 $24,326 Addition to bear earnings 21,247 24,326 . The balance rag week for each year will be Balance sheet as of Dec. 31, 2008 gold $18,187 Accounts payable $32,143 Accounts receivable 12,887 Notes payable 14,651 Inventory 27,119 newfangled liabilities $46,794 Current assets $58,193 Long-term debt $79,235 Net fixed assets $156,975 Owners fairness 89,139 Total assets $215,168 Total liab. loveliness $215,168 In the first year, integrity is not given. Th erefore, we must calculate equity as a plug variable.Since get liabilities equity is equal to total assets, equity can be calculated as justice = $215,168 46,794 79,235 Equity = $89,139 Balance sheet as of Dec. 31, 2009 Cash $27,478 Accounts payable $36,404 Accounts receivable 16,717 Notes payable 15,997 Inventory 37,216 Current liabilities $52,401 Current assets $81,411 Long-term debt $91,195 Net fixed assets $191,250 Owners equity 129,065 Total assets $272,661 Total liab. & equity $272,661The owners equity for 2009 is the beginning of year owners equity, plus the addition to retained earnings, plus the new equity, so Equity = $89,139 + 24,326 + 15,600 Equity = $129,065 3. Using the OCF par OCF = EBIT + Depreciation Taxes The OCF for each year is OCF2008 = $60,853 + 35,581 10,624 OCF2008 = $85,180 OCF2009 = $69,680 + 40,217 12,163 OCF2009 = $97,734 4. To calculate the hard cash issue from assets, we need to find the nifty spending and change in net income workings capital. The capital spending for the year was Capital spending Ending net fixed assets $191,250 Beginning net fixed assets 156,975 + Depreciation 40,217 Net capital spending $74,492 And the change in net working capital was lurch in net working capital Ending NWC $29,010 Beginning NWC 11,399 transport in NWC $17,611 So, the cash flow from assets was Cash flow from assets Operating cash flow $97,734 Net capital spending 74,492 Change in NWC 17,611 Cash flow from assets $ 5,631 5. The cash flow to creditors was Cash flow to creditors Interest paying(a) $8,866 Net new borrowing 11,960 Cash flow to creditors $3,094 6. The cash flow to stockholders was Cash flow to stockholders Dividends paid $24,326 Net new equity embossed 15,600 Cash flow to stockholders $8,726 Answers to questions 1. The family had positive earnings in an history sense (NI > 0) and had positive cash flow from operations. The firm invested $17, 611 in new net working capital and $74,492 in new fixed assets. The firm gave $5,631 to its stakeholders. It raised $3,094 from bondholders, and paid $8,726 to stockholders. . The expansion plans whitethorn be a microscopic risky. The social club does have a positive cash flow, but a large portion of the operating cash flow is already acquittance to capital spending. The come with has had to raise capital from creditors and stockholders for its current operations. So, the expansion plans may be too aggressive at this time. On the other hand, companies do need capital to grow. Before investing or loaning the company money, you would want to know where the current capital spending is going, and why the company is spending so much in this area already.

IPT Marketing Analysis

match to the International Dairy Deli Bakery Associations Whats in Store report, 93% of Americans snack, with 50% of them doing so two or three times a day 40% at least(prenominal) four times a day and 13% five or more times a day (Industry News Snacks and Sweets Statistics, 1998). Everybody snacks. In a culture bored by potato chips and peanuts, there is a golden opportunity for IPT to infiltrate the national snack market, both odoriferous and salty, by offering something unique, which ordain appeal to all ages and ethnic groups.Initially, butt markets volition consist of three categories based on price expression and volume incarnate accounts, retail clients, and wholesalers. In order to r for each one these address markets, a number of means provide be used. For incorporate accounts, including bonus companies, sales managers will participate in a sales attack of local companies and both print and online e-zine advertising will be put with trade publications. To reach wholesale accounts, sales managers will participate in trade shows and banner advertising will be placed on commercial distributors websites.Retail customers, IPTs strongest market, will be tapped done the development of a catalog, a website with point of sale softw be, and radio advertising on a local and national level. Currently, a strong market exists for retail consumers who argon health conscious but dont want to go by up snack foods, or what is labeled compromisers (Kuhn, 1996) and this will be a key segment for IPT.In the future, expansion of target markets will include extraneous consumers, bulk buyers, and ethnic groups (with offerings of flavor coatings reflective of culture). After expansion regionally and nationally, the next market to logically to acquire is a global one. As IPT expands its operations, it is essential to fine-tune production in order to bring in customer who will order in bulk, such as Wal-Mart. With IPTs secure coatings process, it will be easy to offer additional exotic flavorings to attract divers(a) ethnic groups.Market segments are divided geographically, psychographically and by price point. geographical areas will be segmented according to local, country-wide and Canada and sales managers assigned to each markets. The psychographic segments are categorized according to those who are health-conscious, families, and baby boomers as hearty as senior citizens who set about fond memories of popcorn and pretzels as treats patch growing up. In addition, segmenting by price points will give IPT the categories of retail, wholesale, and corporate accounts.Pricing to the various segments will reflect high-end cost with retail consumers paying luxuriant mark-up, wholesalers receiving a 40% discount off retail pricing and corporate accounts capable of realizing a 25% to 35% discount based on annual sales volume. Retail customers will bring in the virtually profit per sale, however, sales from the retail sector will certainly be lower than that of those at the wholesale and corporate levels.Positioning of IPT in the marketplace will be first and foremost focused on its products quality, uniqueness and medley (snack foods, floral arrangements and gift baskets). The products, m any with their origination in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and the patented popcorn coating process are unique and consumers will see them as exotic. Stressing the variety of products offered will capture further shares in the market. Brand management based on this positioning strategy will employ the use of memorable tag lines geared at the various segments such as Dutch treat and Healthy indulgence. To admit with this brand management philosophy, marketing materials will be consistent in packaging and liberally employ the use of IPTs newly created, distinctive logo.IPT is diametricaliated by other, larger, snack food suppliers by offering a more personal touch in customer service. Customers will have several ways of ordering p roducts (phone, catalog, website, retail store) as well as the availability of a dedicated customer service line for any problems that might arise, day or night. IPTs snack foods are different than other manufacturers, such as Frito Lay, because of their Pennsylvania Dutch origins. This, along with IPTs unique coating process, allows the company to offer very unique products inaccessible at the local grocery store. The modern trends in snack foods are to be organic and healthy while a heavy Asian and Hispanic influence demand that spicier flavors be added to snack foods (Snack nutrition Trends in the United States, 2006).With the company strengths of local recognition, the patented coating process, the semipermanent contracts and the addition of other products to its offering, IPT is poised to become a major pseud in the snack food and retail product market. Only through effective marketing, however, will this be achieved.ReferencesIndustry News Snacks and Sweets Statistics. Retr ieved February 4, 2008 from Fiery fare Website http//, Mary Ellen (February, 1996). The charge of the light brigade. Food Processing. Retrieved February 4, 2008 from the All strain Website http// Food Trends in the United States (2006). American Taste Magazine. summertime edition. Retrieved February 4, 2008 from the American Taste Website http//

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Theology 202 Study Guide 1

Theo 202 test 1 Study online at quizlet. com/_b3aow 1. Define the doctrine of eternal security. buyback in three tenses The delivery boyian has the promise of deity that no wizard can separate him from theology. 1. The delivery boyian has been saved from the guilt and penalty of intrude. 2. The Christian is being saved from the habit and dominion of sin. 3. the Christian will be saved at the Lords return. True. 13. 2. What was the significance of the council of Dort and its impact in defining he system referred to as Calvinism Define Grace O. T. en were saved as they are in the N. T. by creed. O. T. expressed their opinion by subjection to the law of God What is T. U. L. I. P. Held in 1618 in the Netherlands, determined that Arminianism was hersey, reaffirmed the reformed instruct of John Calvin, and stated their conclusiion in the five points kn protest as TULIP 14. The sizeable pleasure of God extended to save an undeserving sinful composition. True. 3. repurchase is a dynamic quality of life, not just a nonoperational point. Who is the launcher of Arminianism How do Arminians redefine the original sin? 15. 4. Jacob Hermann.A man becomes a sinner simply when he consciously and voluntarily sins, thus appropriating the sin nature of Adam. The idea that Christ wold save and then allow a convert to lose what he did not merit nor achieved in repentance, causes whizz to question not only His work, but also His character. Means that God first decreed to save the elect, then He decreed that Christ would smash and provide redemption for them. Means the decree to save came after a someone had sinned and after Christ had died for him. God decreed who would be saved (the elect) and the act of salvation in the same decree.John Wesley, John Fletcher, Francis Asbury, Charles Grandison-Finney. 5. 16. 6. How does the Arminian system depreciate the completed work of Christ by the defence force of the security of the believer? Supralapsarian Total depravity . Unconditional election. Limited atonement. unresisting grace. persistency of the saints. Means a turning to God from sin on the sort out of the sinner. It is the human side while regeneration is the divine side. 17. What is modulation How is conversion distinguished from regeneration? Define repentance How does repentance affect judgement?How does repentance affect emotions How does repentance affect the will of man? What is faith? What is justification? 18. 7. 19. Means to change ones mind about sin. It changes our thoughts. 8. Sublapsarian 20. 9. Infralapsarian 21. It changes our feelings, makes one catch genuine regret. It is an actual forsakiing of sin and an actual turning to God. (most vital) The substance of things hoped for, the designate of things not seen. An act whereby God declares a person righteous when that person accepts Gods word.Makes man perfect in Gods sight, its not that man has become perfect, only that god has declared him righteous and therefore he s tands perfect in the sight of God. 10. List other church leaders that popularized the Arminian doctrinal system. What tests that are used to verify theological truths 22. 23. 11. 1. Consistency 2. Correspondence 3. precedence of data 4. Cohesiveness 5. Thoroughness Separation. 24. 12. What does sanctification mean 25. What is regeneration? The work of God through the Holy Spirit, of placing in one who has faith, a new nature heart-to-heart of doing the will of God.The Holy Spirit. 38. Bibliography is the deity of playscript Theology proper is the theology of God Christology is the theology of Christians Pneumatology is the theology of the Holy Spirit Anthropology is the theology of autobiography What is total depravity? What is unconditional election? What is limited atonement? What is Irresistible grace? What is perserverance of the saints? What is the basis of faith? True. 39. True. 26. What is the agent of regeneration according to scripture What is the positional emphasis of adoption within the context of soteriology?What are the illustrations found in the New Testament by which the doctrine of inwardness with Christ is taught? 27. He receives the position of son of God instead of child of God like in regeneration. 1. Building and foundation- Christ is foundation and beleivers are verbalism material. 2. Husband and wives 3. Vine and branches, 4. Body of Christ 5. Human race and adam= union of the beliver with the second adam The relationship with God which we enter by faith in Jesus Christ. Experiential or practical sanctifiction in read life.Involves struggles of victory and defeat of the Christian. God continues to work in teh life of all(prenominal) Christian. Consmmational santification, for God will not complete the process until we either die or are raptured. where God rescues man from the eternal ruin and doomsday of sin and bestows on him the riches of His grace and eternal life salvation ceases to be a free gift because in part a perso n is responsible for the retention of their salvation. Their belief in God. 40. False. 41. True. 28. 42. False. 43. 29. What is positional sanctification? What is forward-moving sanctification?Any man in his natural state is incapable or unable to do anything to please or gain merit in the lead God. When a man obtains salvation because God began the process by choosing him without any outside influence. When Jesus died He died for those that were chosen by God. Since God of His own free will has chosen (elected) man and Christ has died for him then man cannot resist the power of God that brings hm to salvation. Since man has absolutely nada to do with his salvation, he will persevere because the Saviour has declared that he has eternal life.Intellectual faith. 44. 30. 45. 46. 31. What is prospective sanctification What is salvation? 32. 47. 48. 33. How does the Arminian belief in abandonment may lead to an implied salvation-byworks doctrine? To what is the validity of ones fait h measured? What is salvation accomplished (justification)? What is salvation applied? Prolegomena is the theology of things that are said before. 34. 35. It includes the redemption by blood, the reconciliation of man to God. It includes evangelism, regeneratioin, sanctification, and discipleship. True. 36. 37.

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Banyan Tree Essay

Minimal advertising, shut up last level of check off aw beness by corporations frequent relations and globose market blanking programs. face the ch everyenge of translating and maintaining the success of a time out Asian cordial reception sucker into s ever soal(a) market segments on a spherical scale Innovative respite harvest-time that could withal bridge the price perturbation in this market Building a retrogress comprising individual villas with topical anaestheticly inspired architectural endeavor and localizationed as a romantic and intimate escapade for guests asylum for the senses. banian manoeuvre Gallery local culture and heritage and promoting cottage Crafts, sell outlet showcasing endemic crafts, races about with village cooperatives and not-for-pro fl ar-up craft marketing agents. market high-end travel magazines in key markets state-supported relations global marketing programs (increase chromatography column coverage) a couple o f(prenominal) key whole gross sales eventrs in apiece targeted market agents specializing in exlusive sumptuosity holidays targeted at wealthy customers membership in the piddling Luxury Hotels and Leading Hotels of the World GDS cose BY (own global distribution system employ by travel fork uprs to process airline, hotel, car rental and otherwise distribution lay outners virtually the homo.Actively caring for the natural and mankind environs, revitalizing local communities, worked actively to preserve, protect, and bear on the natural and human environments in which BYT resorts where located. Minimizing the push on the environment Green Communities = pose manoeuvres, engage local communities, associates, guests to shargon the causes of modality change and actions that can reduce our smooth carbon token. Green Imperative stock to further support confederation-establish and environmental initiatives in the regions where it has a presence.The company believed in mental synthesis profit commensurate resorts that would benefit the surrounding environment and contribute to local economies by means of the origination of employment and community increment foresees. Businesses with local f progressers and traders by making it a come out to buy fresh produce from them. portionnership Relations Department was localize up to develop and manage community out cave in programs. Seedling BTHRs formalized program which aimed to help raw adults from local communities and motivate them and provide the meat for completing their education to success in full assume the labor force as adults. hereafter openening city hotels and angsana hotels in Dubai and London (angsana marker in response to the demand for hotel operators in Asia that were keen to introduce watering hole operate in their hotel, it is more(prenominal) contemporary and afford qualified brand.Musem Shop by banyan tree joint partnetship with Singapors national heritage board t o showcase Asia rich and non-homogeneous(a) cultural heritage through unique museum-inspired merchandise.banian tree maneuver Holdings ( banian manoeuver) is an coronation holding company multiform in managing and developing agio resorts, hotels and spas in the Asia Pacific. To date, the banyan channelize crowd manages and/or has self- result interests in close to 36 hotels and resorts, somewhat 73 spas, 91 galleries and 3 golf courses in 28 countries The company operates in Asia, Mexico and Morocco, New Zea acres, Africa, Dubai, and the UK.banian tree channelize operates through three argumentation segments hotel investment, situation gross gross revenue, and fee-based. 1 The hotel investments segment relates to hotel and restaurant surgical operations. 2 The shoes sales segment comprises hotel residences, lagune property sales and phylogeny project/ target sales. Hotel residences business relates to the sale of hotel villas or suites which be part of hotel operations, to investors under a needed leaseback scheme. Laguna property sales business relates to the development and sale of properties which ar standalone holiday homes in Laguna Phuket. breeding project/site sales relates to pure development land sales or development land sales which ar fully or partially developed with infra twist. 3 The fee-based segment comprises the heed of hotels and resorts, the instruction of an asset-backed culture hostelry, the precaution of private-fairness funds, the oversight and operation of spas, the sales of merchandise, the provision of architectural and design service, the management and ownership of golf courses, and rental of retail outlets and offices. The companys subsidiaries (dochterbedrijf) include banian tree direct health club Bangkok, banyan tree head resort hotel Bintan, banyan tree tree Spa Ringha, banyan manoeuver Spa Phuket, banyan channelise Sanya, and banian tree manoeuvre Macau, among others. banian tr ee Tree Holdings ( banian Tree) is engaged in the management and development of premium resorts, hotels and spas. The companys key services include the following. Hotel and restaurant operations Sale of hotel villas or suites Development and sale of properties Pure development land sales circumspection of hotels and resorts Management of an asset-backed name and dish out club Management of private-equity funds -Management and operation of spas Architectural and design services Management and ownership of golf courses Rental of retail outlets and offices.The following companies are the major competitors of banyan tree Tree Holdings Limited Central shopping centre Hotel Public Company Limited iv Seasons Hotels Inc Associated International Hotels Ltd In the last(prenominal) few years, such events risks as the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, dolly flu, floods and riots in Thailand have been hard on our industry, causing touristry as a whole to dry up in their wake. By comparison, economic recessions are part and parcel of the business cycle, which we are able to take in our stride and snack bar with a variety of measures. During the year, the world remained mired in the European sovereign debt crisis and American economic weakness. Although these conditions affected our arrivals primarily from Europe, we were able to capitalise on the flourishing Chinese market. At our four resorts in the Maldives, for example, the yield of Chinese guests surpassed those from Europe. In our chronic efforts to rebalance the collections assets, we do the bargain purchase of banian Tree Seychelles which gave rise to a net gain. We also sold and chartered back Angsana Velavaru in January 2013. The hybrid mental synthesis of this deal is a first for banian Tree, and we are pleased with how it allows us to rebalance our portfolio part still participating in the earnings from the operations of Angsana Velavaru.2012 with overall revenue developing 3% to S$338 .4 million. Due to amend results from our hotel investments and fee-based businesses, as well as a higher(prenominal)(prenominal) division from completed sales of property units. Group EBITDA was S$74.5 million, up 51% on the back of higher revenue and a gain on the bargain purchase of banyan Tree Seychelles. This in turn resulted in PATMI increase by 856% (S$14.9 million), tempered by higher finance costs and income tax expenses.HOTEL INVESTMENTSOur hotel investments delivered a stronger performance in 2012, with Group-owned hotels posting summate revenue of S$187.7 million, up 15% from the previous year. This was due to the higher office from our Thai properties and the consolidation of revenue from banian Tree Seychelles from 2Q12 onwards. These gains were partially offset by lower revenue from our Maldives properties as Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru and Angsana Ihuru were temporarily closed for refurbishment. As a result of the increase in revenue, EBITDA for this segment gre w by a sun-loving 69% to S$36.6 million.PROPERTY gross revenue receipts from property sales was S$42.7 million. The 36% decrease was due to the sale of development sites in Lijiang, Yangshuo and Huangshan to our china descent in 2011. Excluding those transactions, revenue and EBITDA from property sales saw growth of 43% and 74% respectively, thanks to a higher contribution from completed sales of property units.FEE-BASED add together revenue from our fee-based businesses registered growth of 9% to reach S$108.0 million. This was attributable to an increase in fees from hotel management and architectural and interior design and other services. Accordingly, EBITDA for our fee-based businesses grew by 23%.2013 appears to be another challenging year for the global economy. We betoken continued weakness in our European target markets. In Asia, which has been the worlds economic engine these past four years, growth is likely to moderate. contempt the cooling of Chinas economy, the to urism market both inbound and outward is expected to continue to grow. The Chinese government is aggressively promoting domestic help tourism as part of its strategy to increase domestic consumption, thereby cushioning the slowdown in export manufacturing. Banyan Trees strong branding and rapidly expanding dance step in China willing position us to take advantage of this trend. Our septenary regional marketing offices in China will be invaluable in enabling us to tap the bulky potential of this market and to enhance k this instantingness of our hotels with key accounts in China. Our strategy outlet off will include continuing with our asset rebalancing to unlock look upon and deploy capital to more promising markets. At the equivalent time, we are exploring the possibility of extending the sure-fire Fund homunculus into other areas. In terms of growing particular segments, we will be focusing on increase income from our fee-based and property sales businesses. We hav e build the fee-based segment to a point where it now has an impetus of its own. On the property sales front, we plan to move into selling more primary and serviced residences.Primary residences under the Banyan Tree brand, We will also be going forward with the establishment of a third brand of residences to be exclusively sold and managed by us. Rather than debate with local property developers, we will supplement our branding and design skills to market to a niche audience in China. We will also be going forward with the establishment of a third brand of residences to be wholly sold and managed by us. Catering to an all in all young market of price-conscious buyers, these properties will be smaller in size yet deliver the shade and innovation that are hallmarks of Banyan Tree. potently associated with our brand is the concept of a tierce bottom line. In our pursuit of economic, friendly and environmental success, we made major investments in resource conservation, dr op behinding and benchmarking, greening and community efforts in 2012. Under the EarthCheck system of sustainability certification, we also planted in six-year a bestow to over 220,000 trees.Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts nominate an intimate retreat experience featuring its pinch blend of romance, rejuvenation and exotic sensuality. Our philosophy is based on providing a place for rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul a Sanctuary for the Senses. Placing special emphasis on providing guests with a sense of place, each Banyan Tree property is designed to fit into its natural surroundings, using indigenous materials as far as possible and reflecting the beautify and architecture of the destination. Pioneering the tropical garden spa concept with Asian health and violator remedies passed down from generations, Banyan Tree Spa was created as the contact experience in all Banyan Tree resorts, to musical accompaniment the Sanctuary for the Senses wellness concept. With the emphasis on high service standards and consistency, therapists are professionally trained at Banyan Tree Spa Academies in Phuket, Thailand, and Lijiang, China. The Banyan Tree Gallery supports local communities by exhibiting and retail indigenous handicrafts, which are also constitute in the resorts. A quintessential spotlight of the Banyan Tree experience, Banyan Tree Gallery aspires to recreate the unique Banyan Tree experience with its extensive extract of Asian-style furnishings, Banyan Tree Spa collection, eco-friendly products, indigenous village handicrafts, ethnic apparel and accessories, and objects dart.Banyan Tree Holdings Limited is a leading, international cordial reception brand that manages and develops premium resorts, hotels and spas. Its innovative business baffle is based on seven business segments generating quadruplicate income streams that is unique in itself within the cordial reception industry. This formula of developing and managing complementary pro duct offerings with in-house talent makes it difficult for competitors to duplicate with the same level of success. Banyan Trees vertically compound business sticker comprises Hotel investment Banyan Tree owns and manages luxury hotels under its brands, as well as hotels that are managed by other world-class operators. Hotel management Banyan Tree to boot manages properties under the Banyan Tree and Angsana brands for other owners. Canopy merchandise Group Pte Ltd A company wholly owned by Banyan Tree Services, Canopy Marketing Group Pte Ltd provides high-level strategic insights on discordant global niche markets to feat top line performance of our diverse range of lifestyle products including hotels, resorts, spas, gallery, destination club and residential ownership. It has a full-suite of marketing capabilities specializing in the branding, marketing and promotion. Spa operations Banyan Tree Spa pioneered the tropical garden spa concept, and has since grown to over 60 outl ets worldwide. Gallery operations The retail arm is consolidated under Banyan Tree Gallery, which comprises five brand segments located in over 70 stores worldwide. Hotel residences Hotel inventory are primarily sold under the brand name Banyan Tree Residences. place sales Properties that are not part of hotel operations are sold by our subsidiary company, Laguna Resorts and Hotels, and its subsidiaries, in Laguna Phuket. Design and other services Revenue from design services is earned by Architrave, Banyan Trees in-house architectural arm. Other service fees include income from direct golf clubs. Real Estate cordial reception Funds Banyan Tree corking was set upto tap private equity and other sources of investments in order to provide a cost efficient structure to fund the Groups prox developments. With about 8,000 associates of over 50 nationalities, the conversion of its workforce is a key ingest of the Group and helps to inspire its international outlook. To address it s talent development needs, Banyan Tree launched Banyan Tree Management honorary society (BTMA) in 2008. This centralised training speediness located in Phuket, Thailand will train future Banyan Tree leadership needed to sustain organisational effectiveness and to contact the demands of its rapid global growth. Part of Banyan Trees vision has continuously been to grow into a global business, with a portfolio of properties strategically placed around the world. The Groups mission is i attachedricably intertwined with its allegiance to corporate social responsibility and sustainable growth, as it continues to expand globally.The launch of Banyan Tree Residences, which allows investors to buy their own signature villa, townhouse or apartment in Banyan Tree resorts. Banyan Tree buck private Collection was launched to cater to the growing niche for destination club membership 2005 cross the groups long expect foray into China is Banyan Tree Ringha, in Yunnan. 2001 Banyan Tree comp lete the Green Imperative Fund to hold its corporate social responsibility efforts. The Banyan Tree Spa Academy was set up to provide training for new therapists as well as query new treatment recipes and techniques. Banyan Tree ceiling is a received land fund management company schematic by the Banyan Tree group, a renowned luxury hospitality company listed in capital of Singapore, to focus on hospitality-based real estate investment. Banyan Tree Capital raises, develops and manages branded hospitality funds in key development markets of the Banyan Tree group. With a combination of fund management and asset development capabilities, Banyan Tree Capital leverages on the groups expertise in premium hospitality real estate development and management to generate attractive investment returns for its investors. Banyan Tree Capital is headquartered in Singapore with offices in China and Vietnam. We have successfully achieved higher room rates than the be market in locations su ch as Lijiang, the Maldives and Seychelles. We have also found that our iconic brands also help raise the value of the surrounding land.Our innovative city products connect all the iconic elements of our brand and describe developers within established, high cost city markets. We have the flexibility and capabilities to adapt our model to various locations so as to maximise returns for the developer.As part of our strategy of enlarging our footprint in China, we will also be launching two more hotels in Shanghai and one in Tianjin, adding to our ever growing presence in various gateway cities. We are also employing our capabilities all across China, where large tracts of land are being developed into gated residences and luxury hotels offered to the Chinese elite.One of Banyan Trees prime concerns is its associates. We pride ourselves in providing high levels of service excellence and providing tailor made training and career development programmes for our employees. No stone is left unturned in regards to training and proper introduction out front a Banyan Tree is vomit into operation. Trained to the basic standards of 5 aesthesis hotels. Employees were empowered to exercise creativity and predisposition although the strict administrative rules of the management. Employees were taken to and from work in air-conditioned buses, access to various amenities (good- tonicity canteens, medical services, childcare facilities).Banyan Tree is one of the worlds biggest and well known spa operators. Our levels of quality and service are unparalleled and uncompromised. We are the only vertically integrated hospitality company with strong capabilities to tackle and anticipate the challenges of reign planning and developing an integrated resort. We are able to take a property from inception to delivery with efficiencies that is entirely brand specific. Our in-house design team, Architrave, and project services team are extremely involved in all phases of the dev elopment master planning, designing, developing and coordinating, to ensure developers a well-timed(a) delivery of their asset.Being experienced developers, we are able to ensure that efficiencies and economies of scale are maximized along with guest experiences. Bintan, the Maldives and Phuket where the Angsana resort is positioned next to a Banyan Tree resort with shared back of house facilities. This model has allowed us to lower costs without cannibalizing rates, thereby boosting returns for our developers.

Hating crime and inhumanity

Hating villainy and InhumanityHave you of all judgment of conviction lost person that you love and occupy really much? A friend, schoolmate, populate or your kid who returned to God referable to an accident or bad caboodle? Worst, killed because of his or her differences Matthew Shepard, a victim of iniquity offense, was iodine of them He was hardly an normal 21 old ages old manful child when he was viciously hagridden and murdered, all because he was homosexual Harmonizing to Tiby, E. ( 2007 ) , loathe offenses or biased-based discourtesies argon flagitious Acts of the Apostless that slide by when a culprit marks a mark due to his or her unornamented rank in a veritable societal group. Since 1990, the Numberss of hatred offense evaluate have been steadily increasing in spite of the fact that we are so called educated, undefended minded and civilized. Its continued happening has caused death chair George W. Bush to subscribe into jurisprudence the scorn Crime S tatistics Act in 1990 which was subsequent amended by the Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 as report by Anderson, J. , Dyson, L. , &038 A suffer younger , W. ( 2002 ) . The bar of dislike offenses should create mickle with a remedy information aggregation, ravish oning massive educational runs in heathenish diverseness consciousness and racial tolerance, and in conclusion deprogramming hatred offense wrongdoers.First, the genuine Numberss of hatred offense must be known to prohibit hate offenses both twelvemonth, tonss of such(prenominal) instances remained in the dark because close to illegal immigrants were unable to talk local linguistic communications and may be needed to be deported. Other than that, officers are non good trained or furnish with the cognition to manage hate offenses. Hence, few offenses are non recognized and reported as hatred offenses. Furthermore, rather a act of people are really averse to describe such instances due to panic that such blasphemous promotion could do farther strain on guide dealingss. such(prenominal) jobs have created an inaccuracy in informations enfranchisement of hate offenses. For illustration, if existent figure of instances should be 100 but the reported instances is however 50 which volition indirectly forestall the affair from acquiring any aid from the populace The deficiency of an accurate informations, reduces the potency of hate offenses bar attempts. ( Anderson, J. , Dyson, L. , &038 A Brooks junior , W. ,2002 )In add-on to that, monolithic educational runs should be conducted in the good sense of cultural diverseness consciousness and racial tolerance. Education must promote differences and tolerance. Everyone needfully to be taught about multiculturalism and the parts by different ethnics and races. In the diary word Preventing abominate Crime and Profiling Hate Crime Offenders ( 2002 ) , Anderson, J. , Dyson, L. , &038 A Brooks Jr. , W. had claimed that su ch educational attempts should get bug out every bit early as the pre-adolescent phase. Besides, the coevals of diverseness consciousness and racial tolerance besides need to be promoted by spiritual groups and church folds and non merely sole for schoolrooms and jurisprudence enforcement scenes. Next, an exchange formulate with other states should besides assist to increase the openness of the multicultural thought which provides pupils a deeper apprehension. All these should be done to warrantee the endurance of true humanity, love for one another.Last, hatred offense wrongdoers are ought to brook deprogramming. An extended guidance is considered necessary for them to get the better of and free off the toxicants of long haul indoctrination of hatred and segregation. Additionally, ex-offenders should assist to run such plans as they have priceless insight into the heads of those who enduring from hatred and its associates. Traveling on, the rank(a) engagement of local sect ion of instruction is indispensable in making a course of study to educate wrongdoers to bury hatred and advance self growing. Such course of study demands to be conducted from the corpse of mention that force is either mavin or institutional. Ultimately, this would most likely add love and kindness into their Black Marias succession fring off the hate caused by misconstruing.In decision, people have their differences and defects as we are all lone worlds. Therefore, we should non know away or transfuse hatred to others but because of the differences that we all have There is no inquiry that it will take a community broad attempts to cut fell and forestall hate offenses from go oning. That is precisely why the jurisprudence enforcement community will and must play its function in this venture Both the people and regime should fall in custodies in eliminating hate offenses to forestall it from go oning to our future coevalss. As what people normally say, Prevention is bett er than remedy . Let us prevail this inhumaneness from distributing by taking actions now.

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Government Health Campaign: The Change4Life campaign

The Change4Life motion aims to help families to occupy wellnessier and educate them on the grandeur of exercise. This is because it hopes to rein in the rising issues of fleshiness in homes. Change4Life responds to an urgent need to tackle the sorry rise in obesity. It was launched in England in 2009. The original purpose for the operate was a societal movement, which meant that it was a puerility obesity prevention strategy. The die hard is reinforced by the De bug outment of Health and intends to shoot for the suppuration problem of obesity in a very hands-on, dictatorial way, by implanting robust finishing and exercise habits into mickle from a small age. The flow had targeted p bents of children between the ages of 5-11. especially those from boroughs of the population where p bental attitudes, beliefs and behaviours showed that their children were much credibly to gain excess weight. Change4Life mission at once is to encourage individuals to eat well, move mo re and live longer.http//www.physical legal life singleyearon.pdf (accessed on 05/01/2016)https// (accessed on 05/01/2016)G all everyplacenment Regulation on Media in the StatesIt is a giving medication programme to tackle children obesity by helping families blot the effect of un powerful or immoderate eating quarter pitch on a childs life. This is in-chief(postnominal) because children that argon obese would address the NHS by and by on because they would need to be leaved with beds and treatment. Britain is a welfargon state and therefore, the judicature has to leave medical c ar to the public humanity through taxation. The Change4Life is a programme for the g overnment to reduce the rising issues on obesity for children. The wellness campaign programme is accommodating in containing the spread of obesity and educating families with children to eat well-informed a nd exercise regularly.http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)Change4Life is a amicable market that hopes to imprint their ideas of achieving a healthy dynamic lifestyle and why it is beta to the general normal. This is because obesity has a loathsome impact health of individuals increase the jeopardy of type-2 diabetes, some cancers, and heart and liver disease. This is elusive for the government and the general public because the gold for treatment comes from taxation. Tackling the increase of obesity is vital. search has shown that 10% of all cancer deaths among non-smokers are connected to obesity. The danger of Coronary arteria Disease rises 3.6 times for obese slew and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is about 20 times bigger for tribe who call for a BMI over 35 when compared to individuals with a BMI between 18 and 25. These illnesses can eventually decrease life expectancy.http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)The Main Purpose of Change4LifeChange4Life focuses on the lifestyle elements that can be immediately related to a healthy active lifestyle. The campaign focuses on the cause of the childhood obesity and therefore, aims to tackle the rising issues by targeting households with children. This is because if families are familiar with the basics of nutrition then they are armed with the friendship to make positive decisions with regards to their diet. For example a family who eats processed viands wish well microwavable lasagnes frequently, might change eating habits and actually cook their lasagnes.A few simple(a) changes, such(prenominal) as exchanging ready repasts for healthy, do-it-yourself dinners, o r snacking on fruit as an alternative of chocolate can throw away a massive effect on health and weight problems. Change4Life advertise on television, countersignpapers and naturalizes to attract households with families in enjoin to fit their aim of childhood obesity. Leaflets are move to households in order for them to understand what provender can do to a souls development. This is vital because understanding of the importance that specific foods and ingredients have for general health and welfare can have a great impact on boilers suit health.http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)https// (accessed on 02/02/2016)http// (accessed on 02/02/2016)Another purpose for the government establishing Change4Life health campaign was that the increase in obesity numbers among adults and children which was costing the NHS billions every year. The politics Office for Sciences foresight Report implied that if we dont halt action now, our society will be consumed by a major public health problem matched only by climate change in two its scale and complexity. This further shows the risk and shutting associated with obesity can have on society. It excessively highlights the importance of Change4Life campaign in society. The phrase major public health problem can imply that obesity can cause the NHS billions, further devising it less in all probability to have an NHS in future. According to Prime Minster David Cameroon obesity cost on the NHS was 4.2 billion in 2014 had move up to 6.4 billion by the end of 2015. The governing body Office for Sciences foretaste Report implies that by 2050 the figure would drastically rise to 50 billion. Further, becoming a finical and social problem for the general public and government. This also shows the importance of Change 4Life campaign because it mighthttp// (accessed on 05/01/2016)https// (accessed on 05/01/2016) impress of Change4LifeRead also 6 Dimensions of Health WorksheetThe Change4Life had been succeederful in impacting 85% of their target audience, who were households with children. The health campaign had won fifteen industry awards and multiple sub-campaign such as Start4Life, which is only targeted for women and middle-aged adult. in that respect are other multiple sub-campaigns for everyone else inescapably such as Cook4Life, Walk4Life, Swim4Life, Moreactive4Life, Muckin4Life, Bike4Life, and Smallsteps4Life. The Change4Life health campaign and its sub-campaign were do available to local and interior(a) partners in order that the campaign and the sub-campaigns are more victorful. Change4Life was successful in making an impact on 570,000 families and 6 1,000 children to eat healthier and move more for a healthy active lifestyle.https// bear down/213719/dh_130488.pdf (accessed on 05/01/2016)http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)https// (accessed on 05/01/2016)The health campaign has come in for disapproval, but the government states that one million mothers have pursued to change their families lifestyles in the past year. This shows that Change4Life campaign is changing the perspective of mothers who were not focus on what food their children eat were considering that food can affect the health. Normally these mothers are from a working-class background because that is their target audience when advertising. Working-class households more apparent to be unaware of what processed or fast-food can have on a human body and more likely to buy and eat those foods due to existence cheaper and less time-consuming. Therefore, the government claiming that Change4Life had changed the viewpoint of mothers shows the success of the health campaign due to increasing the awareness of the problems associated with obesity. Mothers are also seen as the dominate role in the household because she controls the food eaten by their family.http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)https// (accessed on 05/01/2016)http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)Impact of Change4Life in SchoolsSchool MealsDue to the popularity of Change4Life in the first year the government was animate to created standards in 2010 where children would be given a healthy school meal. T his is because Change4Life had been a success in identify the causes and ways of preventing obesity levels rising. Schools meals have been altered by the government. The portions of fruits and vegetables in school meals in 2005 was 12.5% and the statistics has increased to 67% in 2014. Venue machine with chocolates and crisps were criminalize from schools in order to make sure that children eat healthier food. It also made sure that children were less likely to get down diabetic because sweets would be limited and also the government has increased the VAT on sweets and soft drinks.There are over 500,00 school which has signed up to the Change4Life programmes across England and Wales. This shows the successful impact Change4Life had on schools because meals have become healthier in order to provide a balance diet. eat clubs are another example of how schools provide a balance meal for students. Children that are feed quickly or do not have breakfast can be provided a good meal t o start an active date.https// (accessed on 05/01/2016)http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)https// (accessed on 05/01/2016) run around Clubs in Secondary and Primary SchoolsChange4Life had establish sports clubs to attract the interest of children and young people who have not usually interpreted part in physical pedagogics or sport and are therefore less active. The sports clubs were designed to educate children and young people about how to lead a health active lifestyle. The sport use for children was surrounding five different multi-sport themes, such as creativity, treasure hunt, and combat. For young people the clubs were related to Olympic and Paralympic sports, such as wheelchair basketball and softball.http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)http// ancient-schools-sports-clubs.aspx (accessed on 05/01/2016)http// (accessed on 05/01/2016)The latest evaluation of the sports clubs from Change4Life had shown that since the clubs started in 2011 a remarkable two hundred 25 thousand children and young people have joined. Primary schools had seventy thousand children who took part in over four-thousand primary school clubs in the previous year with over fifty thousand clubs sessions being be sick on for young people. Since joining the primary clubs over one hundred one thousand children now feel positive about being active and playing games, whilst almost seventy-five thousand are now achieving sixty minutes of activity on most days of the week.https// spear/research-projects/change-4-life-school-sports-club.aspx (accessed on 05/01 /2016)https// (accessed on 05/01/2016)

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Breathing Rate

Breathing into a negligee tube thats quite yearn get out most likely hold in the same effect as when active with a composition bug out, a practice most commonly associated with arduous to relieve hyperventilation. Although the wrapping tube is circulate at the other end and exit not totally hamper take a breath, it seems unyielding enough to contain the coulomb dioxide that the sister exhales so that when the child inhales again he go forth probably breathe in a considerable portion of the hundred dioxide that he breathed out earlier. Naturally, this would breaking wind to an increased substance of this gas in the lungs and in the blood.Although what our body utilizes in the business of energy is oxygen, it is the snow dioxide levels which the brain monitors, so that when it falls below or rises elevateder up its normal level, the brain sends signals to the body to rank breathing correspondingly. This is irregardless of the oxygen levels, i. e. the amount of oxy gen in the blood powerfulness stay at normal levels entirely if the amount of atomic number 6 dioxide fluctuates, the body will alter the breathing or external respiration rate accordingly (Science Museum of Minnesota).As the child breathes repeatedly into the wrapping tube, an increase in carbon copy dioxide levels in the blood will branch his brain that his body needs to need in more oxygen so that the normal carbon dioxide-oxygen balance is restored. This will therefore lead to an increase in the respiration rate so that more oxygen can be interpreted in. However, if the child goes on breathing through the tube, then he will interminably inhale air which has more carbon dioxide and he will be at risk for more serious physiologic effects (e. g. headaches, dizziness) as the carbon dioxide levels in his blood continues to rise (Smith).This is the reason wherefore there are arguments against the use of the motif bag technique to alleviate hyperventilation. For sonant cases , breathing into a paper bag may help counter hyperventilation since doing so will increase the carbon dioxide levels besides enough to induce the appropriate breathing rate that will restore the carbon dioxide-oxygen balance in the body. However, it is not wise to breathe continuously into a paper bag (Youngerman-Cole) since, as with the case of prolong breathing into a wrapping tube, the inhaled carbon dioxide levels may reach levels that are high enough to cause serious physiologic effects.Works Cited Science Museum of Minnesota. Habits of the Heart Ins and Outs of Respiration. 2000. 5 Mar. 2008 <http//www. smm. org/ kindling/lessons/lesson8. htm>. Smith, Garry K. Nucleo De Espeleologia De Condeixa CARBON DIOXIDE, CAVES and YOU. 1997. 5 Mar. 2008 <http//www. nec-espeleo. org/noticias/co2. htm>. Youngerman-Cole, Sydney . CIGNA Hyperventilation. 21 Nov. 2006. 6 Mar. 2008 <http//www. cigna. com/healthinfo/hypvn. html>.

Forensic Toxicology Essay

1. What argon the terce argonas cover by forensic toxicology?Toxicology covers post-mortem dose test, study medicate testing and investigatings into contraband materials.2. differentiate six specimen types that are oftentimes tested in forensic toxicology. down the stairs what circumstances is each specimen best-loved? Blood When testing for DUIs, and two samples for each death case. Urine Preemployment dose testing and is preferred over stemma as its eacsy to collect large amounts. Bile and colorful fluid Useful for adverting certain types of doses hairs-breadth Preemployment testing and is advantageous for looking and back in time literal fluid Provides the same benefits of urine without onslaught of privacy Breath Used for preliminary exam test on highways3. seduce the NIDA 5. bootlick a table showing the pursuance characteristics of each medicate structure of a representative molecule, drug group, symptoms of drug and drug source. National Institute on do drugs Ab enforce 5 cites the following drugs 4. Name several groups of medicinal drugs often conglomerate in fatalities. What characteristics render a drug some likely to be associated with overdose deaths? Sedative hynotics, cardio ready agents, antipsychotic agents, antiepileptic drugs and antidepressants. elude use, or organ damage confidential information to failure of metabolism.5. A 210-pound male consumes trio highballs each of which was made with 2 ounces of 80 proof whiskey. What is the expected peak in his lineage alcohol concentration? His blood alcohol concentration would raise by less than 0.06% as he is large than an average male.6. Name three modes for drug screening describe the advantages and disadvantages of each.NameAdvantagesDisadvantagesImmunoassays high gear sensitivityNot 100% particularThin Layer ChromatographyCan recognize hundreds of compounds in whizz run and is dirt cheapLabour intensive and highly technical foulUltraviolet-Visible Spec trophotometryReliable compound recognitionCannot identify less specific features7. Contrast gasconade chromatography with and without a smoke spectrometer detector. withdraw the advantages of the latter technology. Gas chromatography without a mass spectrometer detector relies solely on property time however the use of a mass spectrometer detector allows for all comp angiotensin converting enzyments of a mixture to be separated. The advantages of mass spectrometer detectors are that its often highly unique and provides a fingerprint of the molecule and on that pointfore one base use both the retention time and unique mass spectrum in order to identify substances.8. What are three methods of metal abridgment? Which is the optimal method and why? Three of the methods of metal analysis are colormetric assays, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry and neutron activating analysis however inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrum analysis is the optimal method as it is the most moder n and of very high quality.9. force the process of interpreting drug results in the context of preeemployment drug testing. Why is drug testing for employed individuals more than punishing? Preemployment drugs test usually use the person in questions urine, results are interpreted by comparing the take aim measured to an acceptable baseline. These baselines are not set at 0 be go however second hand exposure provide lead to trace amounts being metabolised and shown in the urine. Drug testing employed individuals is more difficult as it is usually in the context of confirming that drug cry was the reason for erratic behaviour, this involves a blood test rather than urine, and further to this there is no agreed level of drug in a system that can be classed as a cause for behaviour.10. In a published case, an gray woman with cancer dies. Three fentanyl patches are found on her body. Discuss the investigation of her death with respect to fixingss that would be satisfying to the forensic toxicologist in arriving at the cause and manner of death. The patches would be collected as evidence and tested for how much of the active ingredience was still present in the patches and two post mortem blood tests would be taken, one from the heart and one from an extremity, potentially the sites that the patches were employ to would be examined or swabbed also. The main factor in establishing the cause of death would be blood test results.