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Once in a persons briotime, everyone finds this one unadulterated person whom they fall hopelessly in love with and live jubilantly ever after. That is a mere fallacy, in the real world, this simply does not happen. Yes, mess do guard common interests and therefore develop wild-eyed involvement, but it is basic common sense that these relationships have a action span and simply rearnot last. Real life relationships are definitely much homogeneous "The Real World" rather than "Romeo and Juliet". Romanticism is wonderful in itself, and thus ii people can live in ethereal bliss, but it all must come to an end somehow. It is a accompaniment of life that couples do break up, and there are numerous reasons wherefore. thither are countless reasons, ranging from cheating to need of sex to abuse, attributing to breakups.One reason why couples readiness break up is money or a lack thereof. If one partner in a relationship is always give or keeping up all the bills, his/her partner just might grow tired of it and decide that it is a valid reason to separate. For example, a woman who is always lending her boyfriend money for his rent, car note, and friendly expenses will probably eventually grow tired of it and leave him.More reasons why couples separate, addictions often result in ugly breakups. Whether it is an addiction to drugs, sex, gambling, or whatever, but anyone would be willing to take that on an everyday basis. Most people would agree that it is not pretty to see someone throw their life away on addictions. It is simply not attractive and thus, not many people would want to be with someone with an extreme problem like that.An unfortunate reason for a breakup, physical disabilities, also occurs at times. This can range from a paralyzing accident to impotence and infertility. To some people, having children is the most beta priority in their adult life. Having a partner whom is unable to have children can very much hinder a re lationship. Thus, it will not last. Likewise, having a partner who has a paralyzing disability might be similarly much for someone to take. Being with a person, who becomes handicapped, though unfortunate, is a hulky burden to place on a person.Growing apart, an instance in which two people just do not feel attraction towards from each one other anymore is very commonplace, resulting in an end of a relationship.

Computers and Homeland Security Unite Essay -- Technology Department o

Computers and motherland protection UniteHomeland security was created by the Bush administration in 2001 as a result of the folk 11th events. It is an independent result in the United States whose mission is to shelter the republic from say-so terrorist attacks. Together the agency is made up of twenty dollar bill two agencies and 180,000 employees. Their main focus is intelligence and warning boarder and fare security domestic counterterrorism protecting critical infrastructure defending against ruinous threats and emergency preparedness and response (Whitehouse 1). The agency could not carry turn up these important tasks if it were not for the latest in computer technology.The Department of Homeland Security is connected to all fifty states (Whitehouse 1), networking, and the shared information crossways the US makes it easier to keep everyone informed of the current events which allows them to work together more efficiently. It is their job to inform the the Statesn pe ople if they are at risk of infection for terrorism. The agency issues a current and up to date warning train sign for terrorism alerts.In 2003 the United States Homeland Security write a contract with Microsoft making them the agencies supplier of desktop computers and computer parcel (gov exec 1). America will spend 90 million dollars to purchase the rights to 140,000 computers for the abutting five years to ensure that they keep America secure. As a result of the new system from Microsoft the agency was allowed to simplify their network because it is straight off all intergraded into one system that they did not have in the past.The agency uses computers to organize all the data they have collected by move into it into a computer database. They call the database... ...rrent information in their databases. Today America is continuously up dating and entering information into their databases because they hope to veto further US destruction. With this new system of securit y implemented the nation is less likely to suffer another attack like kinsfolk 11th 2001 because we will have enough time to prepare for potential terrorist attacks in the future with this new system implemented. Works Cited TeleType GPS Homeland Security US Coast Guard Press Release. February 19,2003. TeleType GPS,Http// GovExec. July 15, 2003. National journal Group INC. http// Homeland Security Home page. July 20, 2005. The White House president George Bush. http//

Intriguing Use of Plot in William Faulkners A Rose for Emily Essay

Intriguing Use of Plot in William Faulkners A go up for Emily The plotline of standard narratives would most aptly be diagramed as a triangle, with the climb action on one side, the dropping action on the early(a) side, and the climax marking the angle at the apex. The diagram of the plotline of William Faulkners A go for Emily, however, would look like a simple line with a positive(p) slope. The storys chronology is abandoned in favor of a simpler and more effective geometry. Faulkner discards the regularity of unfolding events in the regulate of their occurrence. Instead, he raises tension in the reader and creates a climate of curiosity through revealing events in hike order of intrigue. The beginning of Faulkners story is the end for Miss Emily. Faulkner presents images of the townspeople dutifully attending the funeral of this fallen fixture. As soon as the reader becomes acclimated to this setting, however, Faulkner subtly takes the reader back in time Miss Emily had b een a tradition, a duty, and a care a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town, dating from that day in 1894 when Colonel Satoris, the mayor, . . . remitted her taxes (Faulkner 75). Faulkner inserts exposition into the middle of what was a class of falling action. Rather than returning the reader to the scene of Miss Emilys funeral, Faulkner trudges forward from 1894, rescue the reader up to date on the issue of Miss Emilys taxes. composition explaining the exemption from taxes in Jefferson that Miss Emily enjoyed, Faulkner craftily incorporates the fact that Miss Emily ceased great(p) china-painting lessons eight or ten years earlier (76). Miss Emily is this instant dead, having ref purposed to pay her taxes and having retired from her china-painting t... ...horrifying truth of Miss Emilys murder of Homer Barron for the final section of the story, and introducing Emilys necrophilia in the storys closing sentence, speaks volumes about Faulkners abilities in his craft. He ha s successfully arranged the events of a disturbed womans life to present them in order of interest and excitement rather than in traditional chronological order. This use of plot enables Faulkner to write a great sense of touch story, because a ghost story needs to end on this kind of high note. Faulkner creates a plot line that resembles the upper line of a crescendo, a graphical record of emotional tension that starts at the lowest of points and travels steadily upward to the highest of mankind horrors. Works Cited Faulkner, William. A Rose for Emily. The Bedford Introduction to Literature. Comp. Michael Meyer. Boston Bedford/St. Martins, 2002. 75-81.

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Commanding Heights :: essays research papers

The role that the organisation played in chapter two, The Curse of Bigness, of Commanding Heights in tattle to the rest of the world was to create regulations. The New Deal was what was created to establish the rules and regulations in the united States, in regards to the stock market. It also created jobs by using governing programs such as TVA. The TVA program was initiated in fix up to create jobs, which they were hoping would armed service boost up the stock market. Luckily as they had planed it did in feature create more job availability which did in turn boost the stock market thus helping the entire saving, as it was move to crawl out of the depression. By the late nineteenth century the United States was on its way to becoming an industrial nation. This is due to the creation of the interstate commerce commission (ICC). The ICC was the first major attempt by the presidency to control the economy. The economy at this time was based on the railroads crossways the rural area and the ICC was created to regulate the railroads. The ICC regulated rates as well as required just treatment of shippers and communities. The ICC became the model for future regulatory commissions. The authorities found regulation necessary only after the local newspapers bashed the country because of its industrial setting. The term muckrakers was use by President Theodore Roosevelt in order to insult the media that was bashing Americas image. The majority of the government regulation was focused on one issue. The issue the government was worried the most nearly was bigness and monopolies. The monopolies appeared to have only one use and that one intention was to extinguish the atomistic world of small, family-owned enterprises. The monopolies were referred to as the red hot event. What the muckrakers were utter by this is that the number one focus at this time of the economy was definitely the monopolies. President Roosevelt felt that not all monopolies were bad. He uncaring the monopolies into good trust and bad trust. He felt that monopolies should be scrutinized below the publics eye.

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Racial Inequality in the United States The book, unpaid worker Slavery, is Jill Nelsons enumerate of the racial problems she faced as a lightlessness employee in a blank company. Working for the Washington Post was a terrible experience for Nelson whose race prevented her from fitting in with co-workers or agreeing with management. Alex Kajtar says, ...Jill Nelsons account of an authentic African-American experience is a disturbing, disappointing and upsetting shape of present-day American society... (Kajtar). Many people would agree with this statement if they memorialise the book, too. However, the problem is that most Americans will never read her book, and will perch uneducated to the plight of the Black American. Thus, the problem is not that Blacks cannot assimilate into lily-white society properly, it is that Whites prevent Blacks from developing their identity. In America there is a phenomenon where some people benefit from the color of their skin, while others are persecuted for the similar reason. The White establishment thrust Blacks and other minorities into an other category, and punishes them for their differences. This system gives White people many advantages over other groups. This racial advantage has been labeled White privilege, and allows Whites to be complacent about racial issues because instead of be hurt they actually benefit from their race. Their blindness to the problems of American culture standardised this, prevent them from seeing the disturbing, disappointing and upsetting aspects of Black life. Whites are exceedingly unaware of the authentic African-American experience because they choose to remain ignorant (Kajtar). In this way the also choose to benefit from their inequalities that they view as implemented into the American system. Blacks are prevented from enjoying life in the American work trace because of their race. The problem is that Whites cause Black misery, but do nothing to assortment this. Ji ll Nelsons White supervisors could have been more accommodating to Nelsons needs. They could have taken measures to make her more comfortable in the work place, possible by hiring more Blacks. Their newspaper could have began to portray Blacks in a more positive, truthful light.

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Comparing Two Magazines Essay -- Compare and Contrast

Comparing Two MagazinesFor my compare and contrast essay, I have decided to compare two powder stores in the financial and communication channel world of entrepreneurs. The name of the first magazine publisher is Small business opportunities and the arcsecond magazine is Entrepreneurs Be your own bossThe theme of the first magazine is to highlight, how and what type of businesses to start and make money without putting in a good deal of the hard work. The very first page of the magazine shows an absolute movie of the man and women dressed up with lots of money and a itinerary of success. The magazine rapidity claims Sure ways to make money. It seems same editor is personally involved in guaranteeing the success of the business with high spot text displaying Make $40 Million with eco-friendly herbs and sprouts or Make 15 million in the first year with Dollar Varity storesAs I am turning and reading pages more and more, I realize that this magazine is not meant to show issu es, techniques, pros and cons of starting up a business scarcely it is more like infomercials showing the top returns one can delineate from his investments. The magazine forces me to realize that I am missing a inwrought experience in my life by not starting up the business. The magazine displays beautiful color and picture schemes. The magazine also highlights some of the success stories of the entrepreneurs. Overall this magazine makes business as a unseamed transition of normal day today activity to a good generating machine, ...

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Prison System Essay -- Prison J

The checkure of im prisonment has been one of the most noticeable features of the topical crisis in criminal evaluator systems. At best, prisons are able to picture a form of crude retribution to those unfortunate to be apprehended. At worst, prisons are brutalizing, cannot be shown to rehabilitate or deter offenders, and are hurtful to the re-entry of offenders into society. If eachthing, they do little else than confine most captives, and as a expiration lead to the imposition of certain undesirable learning habits and labels. Such habits imply the learning of survival patterns of behavior, which do little to help the prisoner to be reintegrated as a useful and productive member of the community. It has been established that prison work or training experiences every last(predicate) too often fail to impart skills that can be usefully applied once the prisoner is released. The prison experience also acts as a stigmatising one, so that the pri soner finds that society labels them as an undesirable or untrustworthy person, despite the occurrence that he/she has ostensibly been rehabilitated (Bartollas, 1985). Both ideological and socioeconomic pressures play an measurable role in bringing about changes to the concept of punishment and the methods of transaction with the criminal deviant. To date, however, there has been an increasing pressure for the avoidance and the minimisation of the punishable servitude. The general consensus of much criminological opinion is that imprisonment as a corrective and punitive method has failed. What has emerged in response to this failure is the fantasy of community-based corrections, a movement that has received both intellect... ...e. The prison institution is only a phenomenon of relatively recent times in the history of man, it is by no means true that society is unable to accommodate another(prenominal) means of social control (Andenaes, 1974). Wha t needs to be reviewed is not so much the methods of correction but the basic doctrines of punishment themselves. The introduction of all these new schemes may only serve the purpose of extending social control, kinda of defeating, many social problems. In fact, community-based corrections may be seen as undermining, not assisting, movement towards fundamental change in the criminal justice system. Alternatives, therefore, need to be clearly and completely separated and distinguished from the conventional prison system and the culture of imprisonment if they are to have any greater hope of being successful.