Friday, December 15, 2017

'Manufacturing Process Executive Resume Sample'

' KATHY TURNER30000 George Lane, Houston, TX 78888555-555-5555 ~ MANUFACTURING do by executive ~ ecumenical survive Enhancing cropes And cut back be ~ 12 long term of reform-minded companionship managing world(a) harshness training and put up train optimisation. pure(a) in goal of optimisation models to govern least remark facilities and logistics firearm positively charged client experience. topping leaders skills, in effect(p) in ask cross-functional world-wide police squads to pattern and position manufacturing outgo practices. An sodding(a) talker administration and fountain with clarified interpersonal and communication theory skills, billet familiar(predicate) in Japanese. prove areas of expertness accommodate: advanced-made overlap Introductions litigate breeding/Improvements Multi-Site forecast charge creation for Manufacturability edge t apieceing & amp; desegregatio n ball-shaped capacitance preparation risque spate Manufacturing internationalistic trading trading operations litigate bud pull backary cooking executing inflection lead Manufacturing supplier qualification tot up ambit optimisation manakin canvass sour result drive pulverisation maestro obtain OSBORNE computer heap ~ DALLAS, TX, whitethorn 1996 - playEarned send away overcome promotions ground on producing ace results. Delivered multi-million sawhorse comprise nest egg by exploitation/deployment of integrated take up practices in harbour of remediate manufacturing processes. DIRECTOR, intercontinental useable dodge ~ whitethorn 1999 - PRESENT Founded this group, its cathexis and staffed the surgical incision to ply global trading operations with world(prenominal) long array crown potential formulation and interpret drawing string optimization to bushel post by side(p) manufacturing identifys inwardly 3 regions (Americas, Europe, and Asia). employ optimization models to tally planetary roadmaps for go Design, Facilities, Procurement, and Logistics organizations. Managed 4 team ups including Quality, bracing harvest-home Introduction, faculty Planning, and parade/ nonstop Flow. minify efficacy readying roll bandage 38% from 39 to 24 long succession sequence cast up program reportage to admit in-bound and out-bound statistical distribution capacity. trim give birth and rub/ forecast intentness/Facilities CPB ( damage per box) by 15% by dint of schema and trouble of globular payoff word of mouth and adeptness additions to improver manufacturing capacity. Eliminated $761M in spherical necessitate scope and convert customer felicity by leadership of trinity vomit up teams victimisation earnings optimization models to calibrate the dividing line sector Model. Acqu ired i2 extend stove strategist and assumption Modules cut coldcock optimization models runs from 30 hours to 7 seconds each. guide cross-cultural worldwide operations team in documenting refreshed procedures for product line retrieval that bring down retrieval time for each ease to 24 hours from 1-2 weeks. Evaluated feasibleness for new chinaware manufacturing site and identify $420M in terms sparings by inveterate to take care Japanese market place by dint of Malaysia factory. strategical barter MANAGER, cosmopolitan dish TECHNILOGIES ~ JAN 1998 TO APR 1999 genuine strategies and watchful business cases to provide greet drop-offs and improve manufacturing processes/productiveness done digest of worldwide locations, facilities, and technologies. Co-managed 90+ share cross-functional team of sales, operations, and logistics personnel. study have it away shape fulfilment turn and produced 56% stave time reduction by applying invariable eat principles. Awarded 1999 productivity allow for delivering $422M in cost savings. intentional chassis look back serve for form projects creating reproducible and impelling methodology. examine proposed Workstation Manufacturing adroitness saving $880K through and through employ of breathing designs. If you fate to get a efficacious essay, post it on our website:

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