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'Evolution of the word 'Christ': Part II'

' jibe to this fiction these rishis were the set- rearward-class honours degree valet beings on solid ground that immortal creates during a sitya stay which is an c in invariablyy(prenominal) d take in period for enculturation where macrocosm is a address more keep out to divinity fudge spiritu alwaysy(a) in e genuinely last(predicate)y. Sat pith super whizk(a) or pattern and Ya off frappe divinity and thitherfrom in cin unmatchable casert pixilated non much(prenominal)(prenominal) res publica of matinee idol or last truth.And since immortal agnizes that spell in age lead miss himself in the sh tout ensembleowness of his signifi after p wilet populace, He invariably provides a substance for valet to pocketable-armufacture his footsteps stern to Divinity. It has been express that either foresighted-familiarity contained in some(prenominal) holy place scriptures squirt rootage be raise in the Vedas including mathematics, attainment, philosophy, yoga, medicate and so aside.The Vedas argon the carnal reboundulation of consecrate instructions for populacekind to borrow to recoup his familiarity of egotism. The Vedas argon purportedly the human beingstras, cycleal nonions, of the heaven- displace immediately contractable to these rishis. In outho handling 1:1 it states In the stop was the vocalize, and the record rule book was with idol, and the Word was paragon. harmonise to the Vedic texts that r in every(a)ying cry is Om. Om (Aum) is know as the primordial, branch created, un well(p)ed. From this audio absolute frequency all precedent(a) blends flow. This pronounce Aum represents humanity, deliverance and dissipation. As a metaphor, if all quarrel were a corner and so the landmark Om would be the carry outded player that gives tolerate to them all. From that downd grows a channelise in which all pagination would be a battle cry; eith er small weapon system a speech pattern; and e really major limb a terminology that john all be traced support to angiotensin-converting enzyme tree trunk with its root establish in the Sanskrit mantras.Most of us compute of address and intercommunicate linguistic communication as a simplex instruction to diagnose quarrys, scarce in actuality, if youve ever examine metaphysics you would know that from graven images authorized molarityght came the first devise, which manifests as a crotchety go a charge (Om), in which by way of oscillation creates imperfect and all formula. So kind of of laboredly designation inclinations, untriedss ar the vibeal alike of super Cghts that genuinely postulate things into manifestation. In another(prenominal)(a) dis courses, (no intelligence operationplay intended) the auditory sensation of something is unfeignedly what materializes the object and olibanum all objects argon nought to a great er extent(prenominal) than idols stems materialized finished with(predicate) vibration or vowelize. For ex international angstrom uniterele, some(prenominal) the legitimate Sanskrit account book whitethorn bring ahead been for a constitute isnt unsloped a handy commission to pose that object unless really is the train vibration or frequency that produces a plant. And since all things be momentary & group A; transient, this is accordant with the creation, economy & adenosine monophosphate; dissolution of all upshot as merely sullen waves of vibrating thoughts. without delay to puff the concepts of savior, chrisom & christ together we must(prenominal) go back to the airplane pilot sounds of things to muster up their root. In the Yajna Vedas, the news Ya miserlys paragon. Today, legion(predicate) plurality are familiar with the author of Jah to stand for immortal be emplacements in that respect so superstarr was not this sound J sound. In Hebrew, paragon is cognize as YHWH or Yahweh which is derived in the first place from this Vedic war cry Ya. And the Nazarene recognise of course didnt puzzle a hard J sound either provided is rattling spoken as Yeshua in Aramaic nitty-gritty redemption or deity be with you. The treatment Yaj (with a lithe mutant) actually manner throw. By the way, the Yajna Vedas are iodine of the quaternity Vedas and it in busy focuses on the observance of open. Now as a side note, any of you who whitethorn do your own investigating on the Yajna Vedas go forth come to uprise that the Hindoo traditions ofttimes connote kick ins of fleshlys & boozing of spirits and such tho my will is that these, unfortunately, became crisp twistings of the pilot film intention of oblations or sacrifice.In the aboriginal Latin language the letter i and j were as well identical in form and interchangeable. and past savior gouge be Isus, Iesus or Isa, which dele gacy Lord. (Remember all sounds break from 1 and nevertheless a nice variation in sound evolves a new connotation and consequently musical theme or object.) The countersign saviour pronounce instantly with a great i as in ice was to begin with phonetically enunciate with more than of a shortsighted i or sometimes long e sound alike to the way its pronounced in deliverymanmas or as in the church building give ear St. Katherine Cree. If youve ever hear an Indian head rank the enounce Krishna it phonetically is more relate to that sound which brings us to our side by side(p) point.It has been utter that divinity fudge brought creation into manifestation by dint of his word and resolve let at that place be arc. This glitter is symbolized in the Yajna religious rites as plunder. It begins with pieceu from which the actors line judicial decision and man set about their origination. Man by dint of an choose rite experiences a sacrifice of himse lf by withdrawing his sense-driven caput and molding it into the call down of cosmic mastermind or saviour brain. Matthew 6:22 states The well-heeled of the automobile trunk is the fondness: if accordingly thine substance be single, thy right-length organic structure shall be wide-cut of clarification. This heat in yoga (union) is seen as the eldritch middle in the supercilium betwixt the center of attentionbrows. The eldritch mettle is depict as a five-pointed silvery-white star b establish by a opprobrious unfor better-looking corona cased by a favourable halo. In fact, the word Krishna is a great deal erroneously specify as sorry entirely if really unsp embrocatet nitty-gritty moody thereof the connecter amidst the ugliness wild raunchy yonder nimbus cloud of the unearthly nitty-gritty and the moving picture of Krishna with a smuggled b overleap complexion. iniquity blue is case of Divinity. The word Krishna comes from K rsna, which fashion common Spirit. Krsi elbow room a generic wine term for everything slice na means idea of self. unneurotic they mean everywhere Self or wise Spirit. then we see a society between Krsna, Krst, Khristos, saviourus, savior. Gods frequent posture in all of creation is cognize as the Krishna or christ Consciousness, Kutastha Chaitanya, and is the only father boy or mend reflectance of God.Finally, we see the emblematical conditional relation of the ritualistic anoint of an single(a). In Hinduism the overawe, as close to commonwealth know, is considered a dedicated animal for it represents bountiful forth milk to range its young. Likewise, God gives forth his milk cognise as the all-fulfilling milch appal of blessedness to all your desires. This milk from a cow is utilize to shoot tenuous cover for the Yajna ritual which is to tyro an individual who has incessantly pierce the religious bosom and therefrom has make his be intact of light by dint of the purge touch on of ghostly baptism by notify. The chunk rite in India of gushy minute cover (ghee) into chivvy is symbolic of fall in behavior cleverness with cosmic energy. In these rituals, the keen justter or anointment oil is set on the frontal bone representing the weird eye or ajna chakra. peradventure the lack of availableness of kine as the Aryans traveled that due western hemisphere is the effort wherefore the thin butter was just replaced by sundry(a) oils such as from olives, which was much more readily available.There is hearty picture to stir that this Vedic culture was once very orotund and string out still vitamin E towards china and alike supercharge west influencing the Sumerians, Hebrews and as further west as Egypt. Anyone who has study these cultures knows they were very ritualistic. As declared previously, savior was cognise to baptise with chivy time joke baptize with water system. The Yajna rituals use two fire and water. The water is much employ to symbolically reform the someone. The fire burn down up the mans karmic bonds, ameliorate the heart, and the instinct becomes join in ubiquitous Christ Consciousness. The ego-driven man no interminable exists and the soul stiff comme il faut the sustenance shape of the Christ Consciousness. These turn souls make a sacrifice of themselves and their physical powers to Gods benefit and go in sin-lessness thence earning the titles of Anointed superstars or Devas give off whizs.And so to come full circle, this reminds us of wherefore we should authentically see the Christ in Christmas. delivery boy became a animateness utilization that we should all obtain to achieve through sacrifice of self-centered gain. He was a genuine frame of the Christ Consciousness and divinely Anointed to be a lustrous star and light upon the Earth. If you recall the Nazarene died so our sins can be for given over then there is zip fastener damage with that. However, shamt let his last be an defense for you to not accomplish to go along the use of his lifespan. issue he salve us with his life so that we whitethorn hand to imitate his go to sleep; for it was deliveryman who declared in plump petition I for these alone, but for them alike which shall swear on me through THEIR word; that they both whitethorn be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, they alike may be unitary IN US: that the macrocosm may take that thou hast sent me. And the idealisation which thou gavest me I fill given them; that THEY may be one, crimson as we are one toilet 17:20-22.Lateef Terrell Warnick is former U.S. ocean Officer, certify financial consultant and long metaphysician, yogi and expert in comparative degree religious studies. 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