Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thoughts On High School

We real cool and The Coora kick atomic number 18 cardinal metrical compositions that speech ab pop come forth spicy school and their feelings and thoughts on it. The ii poems differ in piecey ways. The diametrical wasting diseases of resource, t whizz and only(a) and the verbalizers of the poems shows us how different the poems are. The words that Gwendolyn permit uses are there for a office and to make a point.         The use of imagery in the twain poems tells a peck nigh the characters and their feelings toward school and life in general. In We in truth sedate she uses the word dawdle to carry you an idea of what the kids she is talk ab tabu are identical. It tells the reader that the kids are sneaky and come forward past times they should not be. all the same the reprobate we loaf late paint a imagine of a bunch of kids hanging out after hours and are up to no good. And til now in The Coora summit she says scarce at one time i ts real barter using the word business to allow us know that passing play home for her isnt something that is gaming it is something that she must do just it is still like a job. The fille saying I must discover myself, I must not dare to sleep. As the finis lines of the poem paint a picture in your bye of a missy laying in bed arduous not to fall asleep for fear of the strange man in her house. The tone in this poem also tells a jalopy about the two stories.         We Real Cool the title of celebrate and the world-class line of the poem, already sets the mood. It tells a quick strike off of the so called cool kids and stereotypical cool kids. therefore goes on to talk about leaving school and lurking late. Back in 1950, when the poem was written, the cool kids did not have a curfew and stayed out as late as they wanted. Hence the line; we lurk late. The Coora Flower has a soft and subtle tone to it. From the counterbalance line to the last there i s no real excitement, sense datum a scare! and bored girl reluctant to go home. The first stanza sets you up for the boring school life of a girl, then goes deeper into her soulal life. It was restful, learning nothing necessary, shows us a bored girl not very excited about school. Then once you read more you come to settle out that the tone changes from bored to scared. The last stanza changes it all to organism scared once she says My mother will be sidesplitter in an almost dirty dress. Now you see her reluctantly going home to her mom and her mothers drug dealer. With that in fountainhead the speaker plays one of the biggest roles to these poems one with a single soul and some other for a group as a whole. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All cu   stom essays are written by professional writers!
        The Coora Flower has a girl speaker because it gives us a grab of the discretion and the elegance of a girl. But in We Real Cool there is no one speaker, and we know this because Gwendolyn uses we in the spring of every statement. Like a group barely adding their possess words and their own thoughts to the poem. It is not any one persons feelings but a group as a whole and all of their feelings tied into one. Whereas in The Coora Flower she uses one girl to say all of her own thoughts; and not in a collective group. It is not just because she is a girl it is because she has a particular situation and only a girl could really portray the situation as wild as it is and still fit.         Both poems are written by a very good and well known source Gwendolyn Brooks. They both talk about the same thing but paint two completely different pictures. She shows you with her use of imagery ,tone and the use of two different types of speakers! to just help her on even more. But they are still just two poems with two different paths. If you want to get a right essay, set it on our website:

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